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Front cover of The Plantsman from September 2007. The cover photograph is of Sisyrinchium macrocarpum taken by
Rita Heaton

The Plantsman, published quarterly by the Royal Horticultural Society, is a 68-page magazine "dedicated to a deeper understanding and appreciation of garden plants." Its authoritative articles are written by acknowledged experts on plant-related subjects, including plant profiles, horticulture, botany and the development of garden plants, focusing on ornamental plants grown in temperate gardens. It also reflects the scientific work of the RHS, as well as research conducted by other horticultural and botanical institutions and individuals.

The RHS website describes The Plantsman as "in-depth yet accessible" and its target readership as "keen gardeners, botanists and horticulturists" - in other words, plantsmen and plantswomen.


Subject matterEdit

Under its current editor, Mike Grant, the journal, now printed in full colour on every page, continues to broaden its scope. Its subject-matter includes:

  • Profiles and evaluations of plant genera, species and cultivars of horticultural merit
  • Recent plant introductions and descriptions of new plants
  • New or advanced cultivation and propagation techniques
  • Detailed accounts and findings from RHS trials
  • Developments in plant taxonomy and changes to names of garden plants
  • Plant exploration and travel
  • Opinions and viewpoints of prominent horticultural figures
  • Conservation of garden plants and wild plants of horticultural interest
  • Advances in plant breeding and development of new garden plants
  • Profiles of plant experts, breeders and horticultural personalities
  • Botanical illustration and its development

History of The PlantsmanEdit

The Plantsman magazine was first published in June 1979. The quarterly began as a scholarly spin-off from The Garden, the monthly journal of the RHS, which was then widening its editorial scope and popularizing its approach, in response to the wider audience provided by the society's rapidly increasing membership. Between its inception in 1979 and its full take-over by the RHS in 1994 The Plantsman was published by New Perspectives Publishing Ltd (later Home and Law Publishing Ltd), in association with the RHS.

In his introduction to the first edition of The Plantsman, its Editorial Director, Hugh Johnson, noted that the changing editorial policy of The Garden had meant:

"…leaving out, or at any rate abbreviating, the sort of scholarly, unhurried, lovingly minute studies of plants which are the true meat of specialist horticultural literature."

He described The Plantsman as the solution to this editorial quandary, and continued:

"Its intention is to supplement the monthly Journal with quarterly studies for the gardener whose passion for plants will never be satisfied—the plantsman of the title."

The first editor of The Plantsman was Elspeth Napier. Among the contributors to the first issue were Christopher Brickell (then Director of the RHS Garden, Wisley, later Director General of the RHS), Roy Elliott (then Editor of the Quarterly Bulletin of the Alpine Garden Society) and Lawrence D Hills, the founder (and the then Director) of the Henry Doubleday Research Association.

The magazine was printed in black and white, with one colour plate as a frontispiece (as well as many finely detailed line illustrations) until February 1994.

The New PlantsmanEdit

In March 1994 The Plantsman was relaunched as The New Plantsman with a new editor, Victoria Matthews, previously Editor of The Kew Magazine (journal of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew). She was followed in the post, from March 1995, by Sabina Knees. From now onward the journal featured full-colour photographs and illustrations on alternate spreads.

The Plantsman relaunchedEdit

In March 2002 the publication reverted to its original title (with a New Series suffix) during the editorship of botanist and author Christopher Grey-Wilson. Full colour became available on every page for the first time. In 2005 the magazine was relaunched with a refreshed design under its new editor, Mike Grant, previously a botanist at RHS Garden, Wisley.

Gardening Magazine of the Year 2006 and News Story of the Year 2008Edit

In November 2006 The Plantsman was named the surprise winner of the British Garden Writers' Guild award for 'Consumer Magazine of the Year'; the other two finalists being BBC Gardeners' World magazine and BBC Gardens Illustrated. In the judges' opinion:

In November 2008 the same organisation awarded it News Story of the Year for an item entitled 'Greece wants her plants back' in the March 2008 issue.

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