The Perishers (band)

The Perishers were a Swedish indie rock band. The band formed in 1997 with six members. The lineup since 2001, has consisted of Ola Klüft (vocals, guitar), Martin Gustafson (keyboards, backing vocals), Pehr Åström (bass), and Thomas Hedlund (drums).

The Perishers
OriginUmeå, Sweden
GenresIndie rock
Years active1997–2010
LabelsMNW Music,
North Of No South,
Nettwerk (management),
Nettwerk America
MembersOla Klüft
Martin Gustafson
Pehr Åström
Thomas Hedlund

In 2005, the band was personally handpicked by Sarah McLachlan to open her second leg of the Afterglow tour. Each night of the tour, Sarah McLachlan joined the band and sang background vocals on their song "Pills". The live track was released as a promotional CD single and as an online exclusive EP via Tower Records later that year.

Additionally, several of their songs have been played in episodes of the American television programs The O.C., One Tree Hill, Greek and Veronica Mars. in Veronica Mars, the ballad "Sway" featured prominently in a climactic episode of the series' second season.

Sarah Isaksson (Klüft's former vocal teacher) is a featured artist on their song "Pills". Their song "My Heart" has been played on Saturn Sedan commercials as well as a second-season episode of the ABC Family series Kyle XY. Another song, "Trouble Sleeping", was played in a promotional spot for Grey's Anatomy; the song "Come Out of the Shade" was featured in an episode of the show.

In 2010 the band broke up when the lead vocalist, Ola Klüft, left the group in order to perform under the name A Lanky Swede - he released his first solo album on 14 April 2011.



Studio albumsEdit


  • Sway EP (2005)
  • Pills (Live) EP (2005)

Live albumsEdit


  • Demo (2000)

Cover songsEdit


  • The Night
  • My Home Town
  • When I Wake Up Tomorrow
  • In The Blink Of An Eye
  • Sway
  • Let There Be Morning
  • Pills feat. Sarah McLachlan (Live)
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Carefree
  • Come Out Of The Shade
  • Victorious

Non-album tracksEdit

  • All Wrong
  • Blur
  • Honestly
  • Not Anymore
  • Our Days Are Here
  • Sleep Tight
  • The Best Days
  • I Hope You'll Be Missing Me (Like I Will Miss You)

Songs in other mediaEdit

Year Title Type Song
2004 The O.C. TV series episode: "The New Kids on the Block" "Weekends"[1]
TV series episode: "The Way We Were" "Trouble Sleeping"[1]
One Tree Hill TV series episode: "Don't Take Me for Granted" "Pills"[2]
TV series episode: "Truth Doesn't Make A Noise" "My Heart"[2]
TV series episode: "You Can't Always Get What You Want" "Sway"[2]
2005 London Film "Nothing Like You and I"
The Sims 2: University PC Game "Sway"
2006 Saturn TV commercial "My Heart"
Veronica Mars TV series episode: "Plan B" "Sway"[3]
2007 Greek TV series episode: "Separation Anxiety" "Carefree"[4]
Grey's Anatomy TV series episode: "Haunt You Everyday" "Come Out of the Shade"[5]
"Get Well Soon"[5]
TV series episode: "Let the Truth Sting" "Best Friends"[5]
Kyle XY TV series episode: "Come To Your Senses" "My Heart"[6]
TV series episode: "Free To Be Me and You" "Come Out of the Shade"[6]
Maui Fever TV series episode: "Forgive and Regret" "Sway"
2008 90210 TV series episode: "The Jet Set" "Come out of the Shade"[7]
Eli Stone TV series episode: "Freedom" "Victorious"[8]
Greek TV series episode: "Freshman Daze" "Nothing Like You and I"[4]
Grey's Anatomy TV series episode: "Dream A Little Dream of Me" "Never Bloom Again"[9]
Kyle XY TV series episode: "Great Expectations" "Trouble Sleeping"[6]
TV series episode: "To C.I.R., With Love" "Let There Be Morning"[6]
One Tree Hill TV series episode: "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" "My Own"[10]
2009 Greek TV series episode: "Dearly Beloved" "Come Out of the Shade"[4]
2010 16 and Pregnant TV series episode: "Leah" "Let There Be Morning""[11]
TV series episode: "Lori" "Get Well Soon"[12]
2017 Younger TV series episode: "Irish Goodbye" "Nothing Like You and I"


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