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Penny Illustrated Paper

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Cover of 17 November 1877 issue, showing a giant squid found washed ashore, alive, in Newfoundland

The Penny Illustrated Paper was a cheap (1d.) illustrated weekly newspaper that ran from 1861 to 1913.

Illustrated weekly newspapers had been pioneered by the Illustrated London News (published from 1842, costing fivepence): its imitators included the Pictorial Times (1843–8), and – after the 1855 repeal of the Stamp Act – the Illustrated Times. With the abolition of paper duty in 1861 it was possible to envisage an even cheaper mass-circulation illustrated weekly. The first issue, 12 October 1861, announced itself confidently under the masthead "PENNY ILLUSTRATED PAPER: With All the News of the Week": "A new era opens upon the people. In producing a paper for the million, let us plainly say, we want be esteemed the friend of the people ... A new era is opened to us by the Repeal of the Paper Duties"[1][permanent dead link]

The paper was apparently initially the charge of Ebenezer Farrington,[2][permanent dead link] but the wife and sons of the recently deceased Herbert Ingram, proprietors of the Illustrated London News, also seem to have been behind the venture.[1]


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