The Organ (film)

The Organ is a 1965 Slovak film by Štefan Uher made at Filmové Studio Bratislava.[1] The cast features Frantisek Bubik, Alexandr Brezina, and Kamil Marek. The plot concerns a young Polish deserter and a conservative Slovak priest sheltering from fascists.

The Organ
The Organ (film).jpg
Directed byŠtefan Uher
Release date
  • January 1965 (1965-01)


  1. ^ Liliya Berezhnaya, Christian Schmitt - Iconic Turns: Nation and Religion in Eastern European Cinema since 1989 9004250816 2013 "more and more, there were also religious motifs to be found in the official genre of anti-fascist films: in Štefan Uher's Slovak movie Organ (The Organ; 1965), a Polish deserter counters the dogmatism of slovak clerical fascism — hostile to the spirit as well as to humanity — with the spiritual force of Bach's organ music. This also indirectly comments on the socialist present as well."