The Omega Stone: Riddle of the Sphinx II

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The Omega Stone is a Microsoft Windows puzzle adventure game developed by American studio Omni Creative. It was the sequel to the game Riddle of the Sphinx: An Egyptian Adventure and was released by DreamCatcher Interactive on March 19, 2003.

The Omega Stone
Developer(s)Omni Creative
Publisher(s)DreamCatcher Interactive
ReleaseMarch 19, 2003



In The Omega Stone, players embark on an adventure to solve an ancient mystery, visiting locations such as the Great Sphinx of Giza, Stonehenge, Easter Island and even the ruins of Atlantis in the process. You travel to these sites with the use of passes where you investigate the area for clues on the location of 5 "Omega Discs". The locations of these, in addition to those already mentioned, include beneath the Bermuda Triangle (although where is unknown), inside the manor of an English Lord, inside the pyramid of Chichen Itza and a within a Druidic Compound.



Aggregate score
Review scores
Adventure Gamers     [2]
CGW     [3]
GameSpy     [5]
PC Gamer (UK)29%[7]
PC Gamer (US)59%[8]

The game received "average" reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[1] According to PC Data, The Omega Stone's sales in North America totaled 29,400 units by the end of 2003.[9]


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