The Northumbrian Minstrel

The Northumbrian Minstrel is a songbook, giving the lyrics of local, now historical songs, printed and published at Alnwick in 1811 by William Davison. The majority of the songs are written by songwriters from the North of the County, and therefore the content differs from most of the other popular Northumbrian chapbooks.

Northumbrian Minstrel
CountryUnited Kingdom
LanguageEnglish, many in Geordie dialect
PublisherWilliam Davison
Publication date
Media typePrint
Pages60 pages


The Northumbrian Minstrel (full title - “The Northumbrian Minstrel; A Choice selection of Songs. Alnwick, Printed by W. Davison, 1811) is a songbook of Geordie folk songs consisting of almost 60 pages and 45 song lyric, published in 1811.

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It is, a collection of songs from North Northumberland and Southern Scotland which would have been popular, or topical, at the date of publication. There is nothing in the way of biographies of the authors, the histories of the events, or tunes.

The front cover of the book was as thus :-





Are as below :-

page title songwriter tune comments Notes Ref
5 The Northumbrian Minstrel page heading
5 Cottager's Daughter (The) Mr Vint
6 Beggar Girl (The) Mr Sheridan
7 Banks of Doon R Burns
8 Wandering Mary not given
9 Down-Hill of Life (The) Mr Collins
11 Woodlands (The)
11 Caledonia R Burns
12 Wounded Hussar (The) Mr Campbell
14 Auld Langsyne
15 The Days O' Langsyne
16 Cot on the Hill (The)
17 Parting Moments
18 Dull Care
18 Exile of Erin (The) Mr Campbell
20 Wandering Beggar (The)
21 Lad for the Lasses (The)
22 Black-Eyed Susan
24 Prisoners Welcome (The)
25 Land O' the Leal (The) R Burns
26 Soldier's Return (The)
27 Thorn (The)
27 Love and Glory
28 From Thee, Eliza, I Must Go Burns
28 Beautiful Maid (The)
29 Peck O' Maut (The) R Burns
30 My Nanie, O R Burns
31 Blue Bell of Scotland (The)
32 A Man's A Man For A. That R Burns
33 Tak' Your Auld Cloak About Yer Allan Ramsey
35 Farewell to Ayrshire R Burns
36 Death of Mary (The) Mr G Solomon
36 Tomb of Love (The)
37 Negro Boy
38 Banks of the Dee (The)
39 Plato's Advice
40 Go, Gentle Sigh
41 Rose Tree (The)
41 Galley Slave (The)
42 Way-Worn Traveller (The)
43 When Our Country calls to Arms Mr I Cross
44 Mary, I Believ'd Thee True Mr Moore
44 Mary's Dream at Sandy's Tomb
45 Lass of Low Degree (The) Mr M G Lewis
46 John Anderson, My Joe R Burns
48 Negro's Complaint (The)
48 End of number first
49 blank
52 list of books printed for and by W Davison, Alnwick William Davison
56 rear outer

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