The New Zealand Medical Journal

The New Zealand Medical Journal is a peer-reviewed medical journal. It is the official journal of the New Zealand Medical Association. It was established in September 1887 by the New Zealand Branch of the British Medical Association.[1][2][3] The present editor-in-chief is Frank Frizelle. The journal is a member of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.[4] It has been published online since July 2002. The journal publishes editorials, original articles, case reports, viewpoint, and letters. The full text of articles less than six months old is available only to subscribers and New Zealand Medical Association members. Access is free to articles older than six months and abstracts.[5]

The New Zealand Medical Journal
Edited byFrank Frizelle
Publication details
New Zealand Medical Association (New Zealand)
Delayed, after 6 months
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4N. Z. Med. J.
ISSN0028-8446 (print)
1175-8716 (web)
OCLC no.01713584

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