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The New Leader is the first solo album from DJ Starscream. this album contains most of his Remix work with fellow N20 artists Rob Gee, and was additionally produced by General Malice, N8LOC and ODG. It was released on 22 June 2006 in Japan, and the US release date being 29 August 2006. The song Twinpusher is a name based on Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. The title of the album references a line said by the Decepticon Starscream from the Transformers movie.[1][2]

The New Leader
Studio album by
Released22 June 2006 (Japan)
29 August 2006 (US)
LabelN2O Records
ProducerDJ Starscream
N8LOC Shimizu
DJ Starscream chronology
Live At Konkrete Jungle New York City
The New Leader

Track listingEdit

  1. Introducing The New Leader featuring the Beastie Boys and Mix Master Mike
  2. Deadman Remix featuring Smorgas
  3. Step To These
  4. Sword Sharpening Remix featuring Shannon Mitchell
  5. FFwd Rew
  6. Rough This Year
  7. Kyukyoku (Fight) Remix featuring Smorgas
  8. Riot in NY Remix featuring Rob Gee
  9. Twinpusher
  10. Come On Remix featuring Anthony B
  11. Swaying Vio-lyn
  12. LA Headspace featuring James Root


Guest appearances
  • N8LOC Shimizu - Executive Producer
  • Neil Clouser - Mastering


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