The Mr. Men Show

The Mr. Men Show (sometimes simply referred to as Mr. Men) is a British-American animated children's television series based on the original Mr. Men and Little Miss books created in the 1970s and 1980s by British author Roger Hargreaves and his son Adam Hargreaves. Adapted from the published source material into a television variety program, The Mr. Men Show features comedy sketches (primarily), pantomimes, dance numbers, and music videos. The TV series was directed by Mark Risley and written and produced by Kate Boutilier and Eryk Casemiro. The music was composed by Jared Faber. The series aired on Channel 5's Milkshake! in the United Kingdom. In the United States, it aired on both Cartoon Network and Boomerang.[1] It has gained a cult following as of 2009.

The Mr. Men Show
Mr Men Logo.png
GenreAnimated series
Based onMr. Men,
by Roger Hargreaves and Adam Hargreaves
Developed byKate Boutilier
Eryk Casemiro
Directed byMark Risley
Voices of(See Voice cast)
Narrated by
ComposerJared Faber
Country of originUnited Kingdom
United States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes104 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
ProducersKaren Ialacci
Peggy Regan
EditorMichael D'Ambrosio
Running time11 minutes (episodes)
Production companiesChorion
Renegade Animation
Original network
Original releaseFebruary 4, 2008 (2008-02-04) –
October 19, 2009 (2009-10-19)
Related showsMr. Men
Little Miss
Mr. Men and Little Miss
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Based on the classic children's book series Mr. Men and Little Miss, the show takes place in the fictional town of Dillydale. The show revolves around the characters from the books (though a few of the characters were made for the show) and their adventures in Dillydale. Unlike the books (which featured characters such as Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump, Mr. Happy, Mr. Strong, Mr. Tall, Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Tiny, Little Miss Giggles, and Little Miss Chatterbox as major characters), the TV show features the more minor characters more prominently. Most of the episodes are not based on the books but are, in fact, new stories. There are also several changes to the TV show.


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
152February 4, 2008 (2008-02-04)March 30, 2008 (2008-03-30)
252September 8, 2009 (2009-09-08)October 19, 2009 (2009-10-19)

Voice castEdit

American voicesEdit

  • Sam Gold - Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Bounce
  • Jeff Stewart - Mr. Tickle, Aliens
  • Alicyn Packard - Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Whoops
  • Paul Greenberg (credited as "Aaron Albertus") - Mr. Bump, Mr. Quiet
  • Phil Lollar - Mr. Strong, Mr. Small, Mr. Lazy
  • Katie Leigh - Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Daredevil, Little Miss Helpful
  • Peter Rida Michail - Mr. Messy
  • Joey D'Auria (credited as "Joseph J. Terry") - Narrator, Mr. Persnickety/Mr. Fussy, Mr. Rude, Mr. Scatterbrain
  • Richard Epcar - Mr. Noisy
  • Susan Balboni - Little Miss Scary
  • Rick Zieff (credited as "Danny Katiana") - Mr. Nervous, Mr. Nosy
  • Godfrey (credited as "Godfrey Danchimah") - Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Tall, Mr. Metal
  • Prudence Alcott - Little Miss Calamity, Little Miss Magic[2]
  • Cheryl Chase (credited as "Sophie Roberts") - Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Curious
  • Rebecca Forstadt (credited as "Reba West") - Little Miss Giggles

British voicesEdit

  • Simon Greenall - Mr. Happy (only in Season 1), Mr. Bump, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Strong
  • Rob Rackstraw - Mr. Tickle, Mr. Messy, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Pernickety/Mr. Fussy, Mr. Happy (only in Season 2)
  • Jo Wyatt - Little Miss Sunshine (only in Season 1), Little Miss Naughty (only in Season 1), Little Miss Scary (only in Season 1), Little Miss Helpful (only in Season 1), Little Miss Giggles (Website/Before Season 2)
  • Teresa Gallagher - Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Daredevil, Little Miss Whoops, Little Miss Naughty (only in Season 2)
  • Keith Wickham - Mr. Small, Mr. Tall
  • Steve Kynman - Mr. Nosey
  • Tim Whitnall - Mr. Lazy, Mr. Nervous
  • Lewis MacLeod - Mr. Stubborn
  • Aline Mowat - Little Miss Calamity
  • Joey D'Auria (credited as "Joseph J. Terry") - Mr. Rude, Mr. Scatterbrain
  • Emma Tate - Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Sunshine (only in Season 2), Little Miss Helpful (only in Season 2)
  • Alex Kelly - Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Scary (only in Season 2)
  • Claire Morgan - Little Miss Curious, Little Miss Giggles (only in Season 2)
  • Godfrey (credited as "Godfrey Danchimah") - Mr. Metal
  • Jeff Stewart - Aliens
  • Simon Callow - Narrator

Staff creditsEdit


The Mr. Men Show was produced in Los Angeles by Renegade Animation, who were well-known for producing Cartoon Network's Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, and Chorion in New York City and London for Five and Cartoon Network, respectively.


In 2008, some artistic license was taken in order to adapt the books for television, including name changes, design alterations, and the creation of several new characters. The same year, Mr. Rude, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Strong, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Fussy (Mr. Persnickety in the U.S. broadcast and Mr. Pernickety in the U.K. broadcast of Season 1), Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Whoops, Mr. Messy, Little Miss Helpful, Mr. Small, Mr. Nosey (Mr. Nosy in the U.S. broadcast), Mr. Nervous, Mr. Lazy, Little Miss Magic, Mr. Tall, Little Miss Bossy, Mr. Funny, and Little Miss Curious undergone re-imaginings with different designs and even fairly different personalities, unlike their book counterparts; some of them have different names: Mr. Fussy (only in Season 1), Mr. Jelly, and Mr. Nosey (only in the U.S.). As well as this, Little Miss Calamity, Little Miss Daredevil, Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Stubborn, and Mr. Metal were created exclusively for the television series. Aliens, Horn-thrusted Red Spanglers, Giant Blue-Bellied Buzzards, and Crustaceans also appear in some seasons of the show.


Dillydale's city sign

In Roger Hargreaves' original book series, each of the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters were given a hometown: Happyland, Tiddletown, Nonsenseland, etc. In the television series, all of the characters live in the same city, the township of Dillydale. The name "Dillydale" was coined by series producer Peggy Regan. To commemorate the historic naming, Peggy was presented with a plaque and the honorary title of "The Mayor of Dillydale".


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