The Moon Is Down (album)

The Moon Is Down is the debut album by the Pompano Beach, Florida rock band Further Seems Forever, released in 2001 by Tooth & Nail Records. It was the band's first full-length album. Carrabba had already decided to leave the band to focus on his new project, Dashboard Confessional, but joined them in the studio to record the album.[1] Dominguez left the band the following year to start the record label Pop Up Records. The two were replaced by Jason Gleason and Derick Cordoba, respectively, for the band's next album How to Start a Fire. A music video was filmed for the song "Snowbirds and Townies."

The Moon Is Down
Further Seems Forever - The Moon Is Down cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 27, 2001
RecordedSeptember 28-November 1, 2000
GenreIndie rock, Christian rock, emo
LabelTooth & Nail
ProducerJames Paul Wisner
Further Seems Forever chronology
From the 27th State
The Moon Is Down
How to Start a Fire


Rick Anderson of Allmusic rated The Moon Is Down four stars out of five, saying that it "kind of sneaks up on you. At first, as the title track eases crunchily through its first minute, you say to yourself, 'Oh, great, another emo band that has lots of deep feelings but can't be bothered to write a tune or impose any kind of structure on its songs.' Then the chorus hits ... Cathartic, tuneful, soaring — what are they going to do for the rest of the album? Well, it turns out they're going to do the same thing, over and over, with occasional digressions into triple meter. But although the conceit remains pretty much the same, it doesn't ever get tiresome; this band's ability to combine relatively dense guitar rock with an edge of experimentalism and a deep undertow of emotional uplift is more than just impressive — it's practically inspiring."[2]

Track listingEdit

All songs written by Further Seems Forever except where indicated

  1. "The Moon Is Down" - 3:12
  2. "The Bradley" - 3:01
  3. "Snowbirds and Townies" - 4:26
  4. "Monachetti" - 2:42
  5. "Madison Prep" - 2:54
  6. "New Year's Project" - 4:14
  7. "Just Until Sundown" (Further Seems Forever/Matthew Ian Fox) - 3:14
  8. "Pictures of Shorelines" - 3:12
  9. "Wearing Thin" - 2:59
  10. "A New Desert Life"/untitled hidden track - 8:52
  11. "Say It Ain't So"* (Rivers Cuomo; originally performed by Weezer) - 4:03
  12. "Vengeance Factor"** - 2:46

*Included on the vinyl LP release only.
**Included on the Japanese import version of the album only.


Album informationEdit

  • Record label: Tooth & Nail Records
  • Recorded September 28-November 1, 2000 at Wisner Productions. Drum tracks recorded at The Dungeon.
  • Produced and engineered by James Paul Wisner.
  • Assistant engineer: Joe at The Dungeon.
  • Design by Mark Owens.
  • Photography by Dan Ellis.


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