The Mob (American hardcore band)

The Mob is a New York hardcore band formed in 1980. The band began when Jack Flanagan left the group Heart Attack to form his own group with Ralph Gebbia, John Frawley, and Nicko. After being exposed to hardcore through a Bad Brains show at CBGB, the group started playing harder and faster, moving away from the sound of the first wave of New York City Punk rock bands. In 1981, Jose Gonzalez officially joined the group, following John Frawley's departure to join Heart Attack, and Jamie Shanahan replaced Nicko on the drums. The band continued, more or less with this lineup until 1991, when they went on a hiatus that would last nearly 20 years, with only a handful of sporadic shows and releases. In 2011 the group reunited to play live shows and record new music once again.