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The Metropolitan: A monthly journal of literature, science, and the fine arts was a London monthly journal inaugurated in May 1831, originally edited by Thomas Campbell.[1] It was then published by James Cochrane.[2]

The Metropolitan Magazine was issued in three annual volumes of four monthly issues through May 1850, number 229, the first issue of volume 58.[1][2] After one year, it was published by Saunders and Otley of Conduit Street for 15 years from May 1832 to April 1847 (volumes 4–48).[2]


Campbell and Cyrus Redding were the first editors of the Metropolitan. Frederick Marryat became editor in 1832.[contradictory] From vol. 6 (1833) onwards the magazine went under the name The Metropolitan Magazine. Marryat appointed the novelist Edward Howard (1793–1841) as a sub-editor in 1833: Howard serialized his semi-autobiographical Life of a Sub-Editor in the Metropolitan in 1834.[3] Though Marryat resigned the editorship in 1835, he kept a connection with the Metropolitan for another year.[4]


Contributors included the poet Maria Abdy (c. 1800–1867), the novelist and poet Isa Blagden (1816/17–1873), Eliza Cook, Antonio Gallenga, the mesmerist Spencer Timothy Hall (1812–1885), Hargrave Jennings (1817?–1890), the philosopher Thomas Charles Morgan (c. 1780–1843), and the poet and novelist Annie Tinsley (1808–1885).[3] Frederick Crouch, musician and composer (1808–1896), was the music reviewer until he emigrated to the United States in 1849.[5] The magazine ceased publication in 1850.[1]


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