The Meeting Point

Sabirni centar (The Meeting Point) is a 1989 Yugoslavian fantasy/comedy-drama film directed by Goran Marković, starring Rade Marković, Bogdan Diklić, Dragan Nikolić, Mirjana Karanović and Anica Dobra. It is based on Dušan Kovačević's play of the same title translated in the U.S. as The Gathering Place. It is published by Samuel French.

Sabirni centar
(The Meeting Point)
Directed byGoran Marković
Produced byAleksandar Stojanović
Written byDušan Kovačević (play and screenplay)
Goran Marković (screenplay)
StarringRade Marković
Bogdan Diklić
Dragan Nikolić
Olivera Marković
Bata Stojković
Mirjana Karanović
Anica Dobra
Radmila Živković
Music byZoran Simjanović
CinematographyTomislav Pinter
Edited bySnežana Ivanović
Release date
19 July 1989
Running time
98 mins

Movie scenes of The Meeting Point filmed in Gamzigrad, and several actors of them actually went to Tunisia where they filmed scenes from the desert and the ruins of a Roman city Dougga. Catacombs from Labyrinth are made in a studio in Košutnjak.



An archaeological team, digging in a remote village and led by an old professor, unearths an old Roman artifact, a gravestone bearing some mysterious inscriptions. After realizing that they have stumbled upon something precious, the professor collapses with a heart attack. Seemingly dead for people around him, he finds himself in a sort of afterlife state and realizes that the stone marked a passage into the classical underworld so he starts mingling with the antique spirits of the dead. The spirits themselves appear just as silly and petty as the peasants from the village above them, and in their desire to see what happened to their descendants, they find themselves surprised by the modern world of the living.


At the 1989 Pula Film Festival (the Yugoslavian version of the Academy Awards), the film won the Big Golden Arena awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay (Dušan Kovačević) and Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Radmila Živković).

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