The Meanest of Times

The Meanest of Times is the sixth studio album by Dropkick Murphys. It was released on September 18, 2007, by their new vanity label, Born & Bred Records, a division of Cooking Vinyl Records.[2] Their previous albums were released by Hellcat Records. The album was the last to feature guitarist Marc Orrell, who left the band following the tour in support of the album.

The Meanest of Times
Dkm-meanest of times.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 18, 2007
RecordedApril – June 2007
StudioThe Outpost
(Stoughton, Massachusetts)
GenreCeltic punk
LabelBorn & Bred, Dew Process (AUS)
ProducerDropkick Murphys
Dropkick Murphys chronology
The Warrior's Code
The Meanest of Times
Live on Lansdowne, Boston MA
Alternative cover
Limited Edition Cover
Limited Edition Cover
Singles from The Meanest of Times
  1. "The State of Massachusetts[1]"
    Released: February 4, 2008
  2. "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya"
    Released: 2008

The picture on the album's cover was taken at Saint Brendan School in Dorchester, Massachusetts, close to Quincy, Massachusetts whence the band hails. Local kids posed in the picture.[citation needed]

The first songs from the album were heard through the band's MySpace page starting in August 2007. The first track to appear was "(F)lannigan's Ball", which was actually a different version than what is featured on the album, as it featured vocals by Al Barr and Ken Casey rather than Ronnie Drew and Spider Stacy.[3]

On the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, the album debuted at number 20, selling about 28,000 copies in its first week.[4] This album was #49 on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 50 Albums of 2007.[5] The album's first single, "The State of Massachusetts", became one of the 100-most-played songs on US modern rock radio in October 2007.[6] Also in October, the song had been added to the playlists of 18 US alternative rock stations.[7] By January 2008, the song had become one of the 60-most-played alternative rock songs in the United States. This song was #83 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007.[8]

"The State of Massachusetts" is available for download in a special Indie rock pack on Guitar Hero II. "Famous for Nothing", "(F)Lanningan's Ball", and "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya" were available as a three-song track pack on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day but is no longer available for download.


The songs "(F)lannigan's Ball", "Fairmount Hill" and "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya" are based on traditional Irish tunes. The lyrics of both "(F)lannigan's Ball" (based on "Lanigan's Ball") and "Fairmount Hill" (based on "Spancil Hill") were altered. They include multiple references to places in the Boston region and people associated with the band.

"(F)lannigan's Ball" was partially recorded in the Westland Studios in Dublin and features guest vocals by Ronnie Drew from The Dubliners and Spider Stacy from The Pogues, two of the most iconic figures in the history of Irish folk music and Folk punk, respectively. The song is dedicated to Drew's wife Deirdre, who had died one month before it was recorded. It was also the last song Ronnie Drew made a contribution to before he died on 16 August 2008 at the age of 73, following a long illness.

The band shot a promotional music video in 2008 for the song, "Tomorrow's Industry" which supported the United Healthcare Workers East and hospitals of Massachusetts who were fighting for free and fair union elections so their voice could be heard in the workplace and would provide a better future for their families and communities.[9]


Multiple versions of the album were released, across different mediums and regions. All versions feature the same initial 15 tracks, but have different bonus tracks. The European version includes a cover of the Thin Lizzy song "Jailbreak". A deluxe vinyl edition, which features the album spread out over two 12" records, includes two bonus tracks, "Promised Land" and a cover of The Who song "Baba O'Riley". The vinyl release also includes the album on CD, but the CD only includes the first 15 tracks. The deluxe edition of the iTunes Store release includes three bonus tracks, "Forever" (acoustic version), "The Thick Skin of Defiance" and "Breakdown". The bonus tracks from the iTunes release are also available on "The State of Massachusetts" EP that was released in the UK in February 2008.[10]

A limited edition version of the album was released on March 11, 2008. It includes 5 bonus tracks (including the European bonus track, all three iTunes bonus tracks as well as the original version of "(F)lannigan's Ball" as well as a DVD featuring the music video for "The State of Massachusetts" along with the making of the video, clips of the band's St. Patrick's Day performance along with other behind the scene footage.[11]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic     [12]
Entertainment WeeklyB+[13]
SPIN     [14]
MusicOMH     [15]
Boston GlobeFavorable[17]

The Meanest of Times generally received positive reviews. Allmusic said that the album was the "tightest and most developed set of songs yet" from the band,[12] and while the Boston Globe said that it fell short of The Warrior's Code, The Meanest of Times was still "everything you want in a Murphys record."[17] AbsolutePunk's review also said that The Meanest of Times was "not nearly the best they've ever done," but that it was still "well above-average."[16]

It was awarded a silver certification from the Independent Music Companies Association which indicated sales of at least 30,000 copies throughout Europe.[18]

Track listingEdit

1."Famous For Nothing"Dropkick Murphys2:47
2."God Willing"Dropkick Murphys3:16
3."The State of Massachusetts"Dropkick Murphys3:52
4."Tomorrow's Industry"Dropkick Murphys2:19
5."Echoes On "A." Street"Dropkick Murphys3:17
6."Vices and Virtues"Dropkick Murphys2:11
7."Surrender"Dropkick Murphys3:15
8."(F)lannigan's Ball" (feat. Ronnie Drew and Spider Stacy)Traditional, Dropkick Murphys3:39
9."I'll Begin Again"Dropkick Murphys2:38
10."Fairmount Hill"Traditional, Dropkick Murphys3:58
11."Loyal to No One"Dropkick Murphys2:25
12."Shattered"Dropkick Murphys2:47
13."Rude Awakenings"Dropkick Murphys3:23
14."Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya"Traditional, Dropkick Murphys3:54
15."Never Forget"Dropkick Murphys2:51
Total length:46:27
Limited Edition
16."Jailbreak"Phil Lynott3:54
17."The Thick Skin of Defiance"Dropkick Murphys2:47
18."Forever 2007"Dropkick Murphys3:47
19."Breakdown"Dropkick Murphys2:28
20."(F)lannigan's Ball (original version)"Traditional, Dropkick Murphys3:39
Total length:63:17
European Edition
16."Jailbreak"Phil Lynott3:54
Total length:50:36
iTunes Deluxe Edition
16."Forever (Acoustic Version)"Dropkick Murphys3:45
17."The Thick Skin of Defiance"Dropkick Murphys2:46
18."Breakdown"Dropkick Murphys2:27
Total length:55:40
Australian Edition
16."Jailbreak"Phil Lynott3:54
17."Promise Land"Dropkick Murphys1:59
Total length:52:35
Deluxe Vinyl Edition
16."Baba O'Riley"Pete Townshend4:20
17."Promise Land"Dropkick Murphys1:59
Total length:53:01


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