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The Marriage-Go-Round is a 1958 play written by Leslie Stevens. The 1961 film adaptation of the same name, written and produced by Stevens, stars Susan Hayward, James Mason and Julie Newmar.

The Marriage-Go-Round
Written byLeslie Stevens
CharactersPaul Delville
Content Lowell (Mrs. Paul Delville)
Katrin Sveg
Ross Barnett[1]
Date premieredOctober 29, 1958 (1958-10-29)
Place premieredPlymouth Theatre
Original languageEnglish
GenreSex comedy
SettingTraditional college town up the river from New York City, present-day[1]

The play was inspired by a suggestion that dancer Isadora Duncan supposedly made to playwright George Bernard Shaw: The two of them should have a child because "with your mind and my body, think what a person it would be!"[2] The play, a sex comedy, was a Broadway theatre success with a run of over 700 performances; it did poor box office .[3]



The play's original production on Broadway starred Charles Boyer as Dr. Paul Delville, a professor of cultural anthropology at a New York college, Claudette Colbert as Dr. Content Lowell, the Dean of Women at the college and Delville's wife, Julie Newmar as Katrin Sveg, and Edmon Ryan as Ross Barnett.[4]


Brooks Atkinson of The New York Times called the Broadway production at the Plymouth Theatre "droll and buoyant" and its direction by Joseph Anthony "immaculate."[5]

At the 13th Tony Awards, Newmar won for her performance as Featured Dramatic Actress and Colbert received a Tony nomination for her performance as a Dramatic Actress.[6] Colbert lost to Gertrude Berg, who won for her performance in A Majority of One.

The play was in part a success due to charity theater parties, such as one sponsored by Maternity Center Association, which bought all seats for one night's performance in November 1958, paying $5,700 and netting $16,000 after selling tickets to its members that were priced between $10 and $30.[7]


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