The Love that Faded

"The Love that Faded" is a song by Bob Dylan. It contains lyrics by Hank Williams to which Dylan composed music and appears on the 2011 LP The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams.

"The Love that Faded"
Song by Bob Dylan
Songwriter(s)Hank Williams, Bob Dylan


In 2006, a janitor working for Sony/ATV Music Publishing claimed to have found Williams' unfinished lyrics inside a Sony-owned dumpster. The unfinished lyrics were later returned to Sony/ATV, which handed them to Bob Dylan in 2008 to complete the songs for an album release. Dylan completed one song; others were completed by other artists. Dylan's admiration for Williams' work is well documented. When asked about his all-time favorite singer-songwriters in interviews, Williams is nearly always mentioned, and in his autobiography Chronicles: Volume One, Dylan states, "When I hear Hank sing, all movement ceases. The slightest whisper seems sacrilege."

Dylan had recorded and performed several Williams songs before "The Love that Faded":