The Lonesome Hunters

The Lonesome Hunters is a 2022 comicbook series by cartoonist Tyler Crook, published by Dark Horse Comics. It is Crook's first major comics work he wrote himself.

The Lonesome Hunters
The Lonesome Hunters #1 cover. An elderly man, Howard, wields a large sword and a young woman, Lupe, stands at his side while magpies fly around them.
The Lonesome Hunters #1 cover
Created byTyler Crook
Publication information
PublisherDark Horse Comics
FormatsOriginal material for the series has been published as a set of limited series.
GenreHorror fantasy
Publication dateJune 22, 2022 – present
Creative team
Writer(s)Tyler Crook
Artist(s)Tyler Crook
Letterer(s)Tyler Crook
Colorist(s)Tyler Crook
Editor(s)Daniel Chabon

Publication historyEdit

The concept for The Lonesome Hunters developed from an idea he had in 2012. The series is not his first time writing—he previously wrote Tales from Harrow County short stories and serialized The Void Without on Instagram[1]—but it is his first time writing a project of this scale. In part, the story explores his own fascination with swords. It also explores his interest in coming-of-age stories and the effects of trauma.[2][3]

Though only a four-issue miniseries has been announced at this time, Crook has plans for a much longer story.[3]


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