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Little Ghost Laban (Swedish: Lilla spöket Laban [Laban the Little Spook]) or "the ghost who wouldn't haunt", is a Swedish children's book character created by Inger and Lasse Sandberg from Karlstad, Sweden. The books revolve around the boy ghost Laban and his family, the Father ghost, the Mother ghost and Laban's sister Labolina.[1] The first book about Laban was published in 1965.

Little Ghost Laban
Lilla spöket Laban, konst i Karlstad.jpg
Little Ghost Laban as public art in Karlstad.
First appearance1965 (1965)
Created byInger and Lasse Sandberg
In-universe information


Laban is a friendly character who does not want to haunt and scare people, and who lives in the basement of the castle "Gomorronsol"[2] where he is friends with the youngest prince. The setting is domestic and shows the everyday life of the characters.[1] The characters were created to help the creators' son Nicklas get over his fear of ghosts as a child.[3]

Other characters created by the authors include The Thumb and Little Anna.


Year (Sweden) Swedish titles English titles Alternative titles Translated by Notes
1965 Lilla spöket Laban Little ghost Laban (1968) Little Spook (1969), Little Spook Laban (2009) Kersti French, Nancy Swenson Leupold, Carrie and Fredrik Magnusson and Ralf Askman ISBN 9789197774314
1977 Gissa vem jag är i dag?, sa Labolina Tiny Spook's guessing game (1978) ISBN 0416869009
1977 Kommer snart, sa Laban och Labolina Little Spook's grubby day (1978) In a minute, said Laban and Labolina (2009) Carrie and Fredrik Magnusson and Ralf Askman ISBN 0416868908 and ISBN 9789197774345
1977 Labolinas lina Tiny Spook's tugging game (1978) ISBN 0416869300
1977 Labolinas snubbeldag Tiny Spook's tumbles (1978) ISBN 0416869106
1977 Lilla spöket Laban får en lillasyster Little Spook's baby sister (1978) ISBN 0416869203
1977 Pappa är sjuk, sa lilla spöket Laban Little Spook haunts again (1978) ISBN 0416868800
1978 Var är Labolinas Millimina? Little Spook and the lost doll (1980) ISBN 0416874800
1980 Glad spökjul A merry spook Christmas! (1980) Ray Bradfield
1991 Laban och Labolinas jul Labans & Labolinas christmas (2009) Carrie and Fredrik Magnusson and Ralf Askman ISBN 9789197774369
1992 Sov gott pappa!, sa Lilla Spöket Laban Sleep well dad, said Little Spook Laban (2008) Carrie and Fredrik Magnusson and Ralf Askman ISBN 9789197774321
1993 Spökpappan i simskolan
2004 Vem är det som låter? sa Spöket Laban Who's making that noise? (2008) Carrie and Fredrik Magnusson and Ralf Askman ISBN 9789197774338
2005 Är det jul nu igen? sa Spöket Laban Is it Chrismas again? said Little Spook Laban (2009) Carrie and Fredrik Magnusson and Ralf Askman ISBN 9789197774376

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