Library of Entertaining Knowledge

Portrait of a Kshatriya from The Hindoos (1835), in the "Library of Entertaining Knowledge"

The Library of Entertaining Knowledge was founded by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.[1] The books appeared from 1829 to 1838, published in London by Charles Knight, and complemented the Society's Library of Useful Knowledge, which had not sold as well as hoped.[2][3] The volumes were priced at 4s. 6d, more expensive than rival non-fiction series.[4]

Number Year Title Author
1[5] 1829 (31 March) The Menageries. Quadrupeds, Described and Drawn From Living Subjects James Rennie (anonymous)
1829 A Description and History of Vegetable Substances used in the Arts, and in Domestic Economy: Timber Trees: Fruits Robert Mudie (anonymous)
1830 The Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties[6] George Lillie Craik (anonymous)
1830 The New Zealanders[7] George Lillie Craik (anonymous)
24 1830 Insect Architecture[8] James Rennie (anonymous)
1830 Insect Transformations[8] James Rennie (anonymous)
1831 Paris and Its Historical Scenes (2 Vols.) George Lillie Craik (anonymous)
1831 Insect Miscellanies[8] James Rennie (anonymous)
1831 The Architecture of Birds[9] James Rennie (anonymous)
35 1831–2 Pompeii (2 vols.) William Barnard Clarke (anonymous), later expanded[10][11]
1831–5 Historical Parallels (2 vols.)[12] Arthur Thomas Malkin (anonymous)
1832 Vegetable Substances Used for The Food of Man
12 1832–3 Criminal Trials (2 vols.)[13] David Jardine (anonymous)
1832-6 The British Museum. Egyptian Antiquities (2 vols.) George Long (anonymous)
18, 19 1833[14] The British Museum. Elgin and Phigaleian Marbles (2 vols.)[15] Sir Henry Ellis (anonymous)
1833 Vegetable Substances: Materials of Manufacture
1833 The Domestic Habits of Birds James Rennie (anonymous)
1834 History of British Costume James Planché (anonymous)
1834-5 The Hindoos (2 Vols.)[16] Revised by Friedrich August Rosen[17]
1835 The Faculties of Birds James Rennie (anonymous)
1836 The British Museum. The Townley Gallery (2 vols.)[15] Sir Henry Ellis (anonymous)
1836 Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians (2 vols.)[18] Edward William Lane[19]
1836 The Chinese. A General Description of the Empire of China and its Inhabitants (2 vols.) John Francis Davis
1836 The Backwoods of Canada: Being Letters from the Wife of an Emigrant Officer Catharine Parr Traill (anonymous)
1837 Secret Societies of the Middle Ages Thomas Keightley; published anonymously and against the author's wishes[20]
1838 Distinguished Men of Modern Times (4 Vols.) Henry Malden (anonymous)


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