The Left for the Right to Decide

The Left for the Right to Decide (Catalan: L'Esquerra pel Dret a Decidir, EPDD) was an electoral alliance formed for the 2014 European Parliament elections. The leading candidate was Josep Maria Terricabras.[1]

The Left for the Right to Decide
L'Esquerra pel Dret a Decidir
LeaderJosep Maria Terricabras
Merger ofERC
Preceded byEurope of the Peoples–Greens
Succeeded byAhora Repúblicas
IdeologyCatalan independence
Social democracy
European Parliament
2 / 54

The alliance consisted of three parties: Republican Left of Catalonia, New Catalan Left[2] and Catalonia Yes. Also form the coalition: Socialisme, Catalunya i Llibertat and Young Republican Left of Catalonia. The program of the alliance promotes the independence of Catalonia and social justice.[3]


Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC)
New Catalan Left (NECat)
Catalonia Yes (CatSí)

List of candidatesEdit

  1. Josep Maria Terricabras (ERC)
  2. Ernest Maragall (Catalan New Left)
  3. Jordi Solé (ERC)
  4. Elisabet Nebreda (ERC)
  5. Marie Krapetz (ERC)
  6. Andreu Criquet (JERC)
  7. Miquel Àngel Sureda (ER, federation of the Balearic Islands)
  8. Gabriel Fernàndez (Socialisme, Catalunya i Llibertat)
  9. Magda Casamitjana (Catalan New Left)
  10. Eloïsa Chamarro (ERPV, federation of the Valencian Country)

Electoral performanceEdit

European ParliamentEdit

European Parliament
Election Vote % Score Seats +/–
2014 630,072 4.01% 7th
2 / 54


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