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The Last Fight is a 1983 American film directed by Fred Williamson.[1]

The Last Fight
The Last Fight (film).jpg
Directed byFred Williamson
Produced byFred Williamson
Written byFred Williamson
StarringWillie Colón
Ruben Blades
Fred Williamson
Darlanne Fluegel
Joe Spinell
Release date
September 9, 1983
Running time
86 minutes
CountryUnited States



A singer-turned-boxer signs a contract with a shady promoter. The boxer turns against the promoter and seeks revenge when the promoter's thugs kill his girlfriend when he tries backing out of the contract.


  • Willie Colón as Joaquin Vargas
  • Rubén Blades as Andy "Kid" Clave
  • Fred Williamson as Jesse Crowder
  • Darlanne Fluegel as Sally
  • Anthony Sirico as Frankie
  • Joe Spinell as Angelo
  • Nereida Mercado as Nancy
  • Vinny Argiro as Detective Pantano
  • Sal Carollo as Papa
  • Andy Gerado as Frank
  • Izzy Sanabria as Slim
  • Alex Stevens as Sal
  • Kurt Andon as Doctor
  • Marta Viana as Mama
  • Darlene Masucci as Pretty Girl at Party
  • Salvador Sanchez as himself



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