Pardon My French (1951 film)

(Redirected from The Lady from Boston)

The Lady from Boston is a 1951 French-American comedy film directed by Bernard Vorhaus and starring Paul Henreid, Merle Oberon and Paul Bonifas. The film is also known as Pardon My French. A French-language version Dans la vie tout s'arrange was also made.

The Lady From Boston
(Pardon My French)
Pardon My French (1951 film).jpg
Directed byBernard Vorhaus
StarringPaul Henreid
Merle Oberon
Paul Bonifas
Music byHenri Taverna
Cusick Films
Jupiter Films
Distributed byUnited Artists
Release date
10 August 1951
Running time
82 minutes
United States

Henreid said he made the film because it was a commitment "to an old friend, Andre Sarve", a French producer. He says it was a "pleasant enough love story" and that Henreid acted as co producer with Sarve.[1]


A Boston schoolteacher (Oberon) inherits a chateau in France, but on arriving to take over the property she discovers it is filled with squatters.



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