The K-Otics

The K-Otics were a college band formed at Troy University in Troy, Alabama circa 1962.

The K-Otics
OriginTroy, Alabama
Genresrock, pop
Years active1962–1967
LabelsSea-Cap, Rick, Fortune, Bang


Founded by Joe Torrillo and Mike Johnson, the band solidified with Tommy Mann (lead singer) and Ray Goss (bass & vocals) from Tallassee, Alabama, and Marvin Taylor (lead guitar and vocals) and Kim Venable (drums) from Tuskegee, Alabama, and began to make records.

The band gained regional recognition after recording "Charlena" for Rick Hall at FAME Studios, receiving major airplay on WBAM, the 50,000 watt Montgomery, Alabama station. Popularity increased with the recording of Double Shot for Sam Phillips in Memphis, Tennessee with the band going on to play National Guard armories, high school proms, and various concert venues throughout the Southeast.

"Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)", written by Don Smith and Cyril Vetter, was recorded by the Swingin' Medallions before the K-Otics version, but the K-Otics record was released first. The Swingin' Medallions had the backing of a major label and gained more airplay and greater sales in more cities.

The K-Otics disbanded in 1967 with Tommy Mann entering the business world while Ray Goss became a barber and continued to play music locally in Montgomery. Kim Venable went on to join the Classics IV on drums. Marvin Taylor moved to the Atlanta area and played with Mose Jones and Java Monkey while continuing to write and produce music.

Original membersEdit

Name/Instrument Date

  • Mike Johnson - Lead guitar, vocals 1961-62
  • Joe Torrillo - Guitar, Backing vocals 1961-62
  • Barney Parker - Guitar, Backing vocals 1961-62
  • Warren Mundy - Drums 1961-62
  • Tommy Mann - Lead vocals 1962-67
  • Ken Murphy - Lead guitar, Backing vocals 1962-64
  • Johnny Coates - Drums 1963-64
  • Kim Venable - Drums (later with Classics IV) 1964-67
  • Edward Wilcoxen - Guitar 1964
  • Ray Goss - Bass guitar 1964-67
  • Marvin Taylor - Lead guitar 1964-67
  • Ed Sanford - Keyboards (later with Sanford-Townsend Band) 1964
  • Glen Griffin - Keyboards 1964-66
  • Lawrence Shaul - Keyboards (later with Classics IV) 1966-67


  • "Charlena"/"They Don't Know" (Sea-Cap 1000, 1965)
  • "Ooh-Wee"/"Charlena" (Rick 10276, 1966)
  • "Double Shot"/"I'm Leaving Here" (Fortune 1000, 1966)
  • "Double Shot"/"I'm Leaving Here" (Bang B-521, 1966)


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