The Junction (The Twilight Zone)

"The Junction" is the second segment of the thirty-second episode and the fourteenth episode of the second season (1986–87) of the television series The Twilight Zone.

"The Junction"
The New Twilight Zone episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 32b
Directed byBill Duke
Written byVirginia Aldridge
Original air dateFebruary 21, 1987
Guest appearance(s)

William Allen Young: John Parker
Chris Mulkey: Ray
John Dennis Johnston: Charlie
Michael Alldredge: Schmitt
William Frankfather: Reverend
James Lashly: Bobby

Episode chronology
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"The Card"
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"Joy Ride"
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John wakes up on a couch and he and his wife begin arguing about a mistake he made with another woman. The wife is ready to kick him out but he desperately tries to make amends. John goes to work and it is revealed he is a miner and just received word that he is to report to the junction, which hasn't seen anything productive in years. Once he and some fellow miners go in the team gets lost and sends some of the others back to find out where they are. Before long, a cave-in traps John. After the dust settles, John starts hearing another voice - another trapped miner he assumes. He finds the man but he has a broken leg so John gives him a hand. The other miner's name is Ray and is inquisitive about John's digital watch and the flashlight on his helmet. After an argument over the fact that John is black and discussions about the union, it's apparent that Ray believes it's September 16, 1912.

At a church on September 16, 1986, the reverend is approached by a woman who claims that a letter that has been at the church for sixty years, addressed to Melissa Parker, John's wife, that was supposed to be delivered the day before. Back in the mine, Ray and John are panicking and trying to find a way out, while the miners outside are trying to find a way in to help. Ray and John start talking about their families and lives. The reverend delivers the letter (which Ray wrote), allowing Melissa to learn what happened to John. She goes to the mine foreman and pleads with him to change where they are looking, in order to follow the instructions in the letter, so they can find where John really is.

Not long after, Ray and John both hear approaching rescue parties. Ray is saved by a party from 1912, but tries to get help for John—only to be told he was the only one down there. Ray gets his wife to help him write the letter to send to Melissa. As Melissa continues to read the letter from Ray, the miners come up with John in the present. The two reunite in a loving embrace and go home, together.

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