The Journey to Kafiristan

The Journey to Kafiristan (German: Die Reise nach Kafiristan) is a 2001 drama film written and directed by Donatello and Fosco Dubini.[1][2][3]

The Journey to Kafiristan
Directed byDonatello Dubini and Fosco Dubini
Written byBarbara Marx and Fosco Dubini
Produced byFosco and Donatello Dubini
Edited byChristel Maye
Distributed byReal Fiction Filmverleih
Release date
  • 27 September 2001 (2001-09-27)


The film follows Swiss author Annemarie Schwarzenbach's journey through Kafiristan, a region in Afghanistan, with ethnologist Ella Maillart, who is investigation nomadic people there, as they explore themselves and their developing feelings toward each other.[4][5]


  • Jeanette Hain as Annemarie Schwarzenbach
  • Nina Petri as Ella Maillart
  • Monika Arnó as Dame auf dem Schiff
  • Vassilios Avgouteas as Barkeeper
  • Matthew Burton as Joseph Hackin
  • Christoph Frass as Diener


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