Très Court International Film Festival

The Très Court International Film Festival (The Très Court, formerly the International Festival of Very Shorts) is a film festival which takes place annually in June in multiple cities simultaneously. It is dedicated to short films that are no longer than four minutes. Each year, hundreds of international short films are screened in competition.

Très Court International Film Festival
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The event is held in over 20 countries. In 2018, 30,000 people attended the Festival, including 10,000 in France.


The International Festival of Very Shorts was created in 1999 by Marc Bati and Pascal Toutain. The Festival was originally dedicated to films that were no longer than 3 minutes.

The first edition took place in Paris, France at the Forum des Images in October 1999.

From 2002 onward, the Festival was implemented in other cities in France. In 2005, the Festival reached an international audience, as screenings were organized in Switzerland and Belgium.

In 2009, the Women’s Words program was created by Katia Martin Maresco.

The Festival was renamed in 2014 and became the Très Court International Film Festival.

The French porgram was created in 2018.

Organization of the FestivalEdit

International coordination is managed from Paris by the Tout en Très Court organization.

The Festival is backed up by multiple public agencies and private companies, such as the Ministry of Women's Rights, the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée and Canal+.


In Competition :

  • International Competition (International cinema)
  • Women’s Words Competition (Films centred around women)

Hors compétition :

  • Family Program (Children’s films)
  • French Program (French cinema)
  • They Dared Program (Provocative and subversive films)

The jury presidentsEdit

Each year, a president is chosen to chair the jury of the official selection of the festival.

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