The Hundredth Chance (novel)

The Hundredth Chance is a 1917 novel by the British writer Ethel M. Dell.[1] It was one of four of Dell's novels to make the Publishers Weekly list of top ten bestselling books during the 1910s in America.[2] In 1927 Dell adapted the novel as a play.[3]

The Hundredth Chance
The Hundredth Chance (novel).jpg
AuthorEthel M. Dell
CountryUnited Kingdom
Putnam (US)
Publication date
Media typePrint

Film adaptationEdit

It was adapted into a 1920 silent film of the same title produced by the British studio Stoll Pictures. Directed by Maurice Elvey it starred Dennis Neilson-Terry, Mary Glynne and Eille Norwood. It was one of a number of her works to be filmed during the era.[4]


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