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The Hillman Prize is a journalism award given out annually by The Sidney Hillman Foundation, named for noted American labor leader Sidney Hillman. It is given to "journalists, writers and public figures who pursue social justice and public policy for the common good."[1]

The Hillman Prize
Awarded forJournalism, social justice
CountryUnited States
Presented byThe Sidney Hillman Foundation
First awarded1950

Murray Kempton was the first recipient, in 1950. Organizations have also received the award. Each winner receives $5,000.[2]


Year Award Winner Title Organization
2018 Newspaper Brett Murphy Rigged USA Today Network
2018 Magazine Azmat Khan & Anand Gopal The Uncounted New York Times magazine
2018 Book Richard Rothstein The Color of Law Liveright/WW Norton
2018 Broadcast Bill Whitaker, Ira Rosen, Sam Hornblower, Robert Zimet, Scott Higham, and Lenny Bernstein “The Whistleblower”

& “Too Big to Prosecute”

CBS News 60 Minutes and The Washington Post
2018 Web Almudena Toral, Maye Primera, Mauricio Rodriguez, Andrea Patiño, Juanje Gomez, Oscar Martinez, Carlos Martinez, Fred Ramos From Migrants to Refugees: The New Plight of Central Americans Univision & El Faro
2018 Opinion & Analysis Dahlia Lithwick Slate
2017 Newspaper David Fahrenthold reporting on the Trump Foundation and 2016 presidential election The Washington Post
2017 Magazine Nikole Hannah-Jones Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City New York Times Magazine
2017 Broadcast Brendan Keefe Dying for Help: Fixing the Nation's Emergency Response System WXIA - TV, Atlanta
2017 Book Matthew Desmond Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City Crown
2017 Web Jamie Kalven Code of Silence The Intercept
2017 Opinion & Analysis Adele M. Stan The American Prospect
2016 Book Kathryn J. Edin and H. Luke Shaefer $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
2016 Broadcast Melissa Harris-Perry Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC (2012-2016)
2016 Newspaper Melissa del Bosque “Death on Sevenmile Road” Texas Observer/The Investigative Fund
2016 Newspaper Michael Winerip, Michael Schwirtz, Tom Robbins “Cellblock Justice" The New York Times and the Marshall Project
2016 Opinion and Analysis Rebecca Traister New York Magazine, Elle
2016 Web Curt Guyette The Flint Water Crisis ACLU of Michigan Democracy Watch Blog
2015 Web Joan Biskupic, Janet Roberts and John Shiffman “The Echo Chamber” Reuters
2015 Opinion & Analysis Jelani Cobb Jelani Cobb The New Yorker
2015 Newspaper Bob Ortega, Daniel Gonzalez, Michael Kiefer, Daniel Nowicki, Michael Chow, David Wallace, Nick Oza, Erin Kelly, Mariana Dale, Stuart Warner, Cherrill Crosby “Pipeline of Children”
“Revisiting the Pipeline”
The Arizona Republic
2015 Magazine John H. Richardson “The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker” Esquire
2015 Broadcast Phil Williams, Kevin Wisniewski, Bryan Staples Policing for Profit WTVF-TV, NewsChannel 5
2015 Book Edward E. Baptist The Half Has Never Been Told Basic Books
2014 Book Ira Katznelson Fear Itself Liveright
2014 Broadcast Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Bud Bultman, Roni Selig, Melissa Dunst Lipman, Carl Graf, Saundra Young "Weed: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports" CNN
2014 Magazine Jonathan Cohn "The Hell of American Daycare" The New Republic
2014 Newspaper Pat Beall "Private Prisons: Profit, Politics, Pain" The Palm Beach Post
2014 Opinion and Analysis Heather "Digby" Parton Digby Hullabaloo
2014 Web Craig Welch, Steve Ringman "Sea Change: The Pacific’s Perilous Turn" The Seattle Times and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
2013 Book Tracie McMillan The American Way of Eating Scribner
2013 Newspaper Patricia Callahan, Sam Roe, and Michael Hawthorne "Playing with Fire" Chicago Tribune
2013 Magazine Shane Bauer "No Way Out" Mother Jones/The Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute
2013 Photojournalism Rick Loomis "Beyond Seven Billion" Los Angeles Times
2013 Broadcast journalism Brian Ross, Matthew Mosk, Rhonda Schwartz, and Cindy Galli "Tragedy in Bangladesh" ABC News
2012 Book Frank Bardacke Trampling Out the Vintage Verso
2012 Newspaper Heather Vogell, Alan Judd, John Perry "The Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal" The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
2012 Magazine Sarah Stillman "The Invisible Army" The New Yorker
2012 Photojournalism Katie Falkenberg "A Lasting Toll" Los Angeles Times
2012 Broadcast journalism Yoav Potash "Crime After Crime" The Oprah Winfrey Network
2012 Web journalism Seth Freed Wessler "Thousands of Kids Lost From Parents in U.S Deportation System"
2012 Opinion & Analysis Ta-Nehisi Coates Ta-Nehisi Coates The Atlantic
2011 Book Isabel Wilkerson The Warmth of Other Suns Random House
2011 Newspaper Brad Heath and Kevin McCoy "Justice in the Balance" USA Today
2011 Magazine Tim Noah "The Great Divergence"
2011 Photojournalism Mona Reeder "A Surgery Gone Wrong" Dallas Morning News
2011 Broadcast journalism Najibullah Quraishi and Jamie Doran "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" Clover Films/ Frontline, WGBH
2010 Book Nick Reding Methland Bloomsbury
2010 Newspaper Mark Pittman, Bob Ivry, Alison Fitzgerald and Craig Torres "The Fight for Transparency" Bloomberg News
2010 Magazine Rebecca Clarren "The Dark Side of Dairies" High Country News
2010 Photography Craig F. Walker "Ian Fisher: American Soldier" The Denver Post
2010 Photography Joe Amon, Hyoung Chang, Andy Cross, Judy DeHaas, Reza Marvashti, R J Sangosti, and Craig F. Walker "Below the Line: Childhood Poverty in Colorado" The Denver Post
2010 Photography Honorable Mention Sarah L. Voisin "In Mexico's war on drugs, battle lines are drawn in chalk" The Washington Post
2010 Broadcast Maria Hinojosa, Brenda Breslauer, Brian Epstein, Mona Iskander "Justice Delayed" NOW, PBS
2010 Blog Jonathan Cohn The Treatment The New Republic
2010 Blog Ezra Klein The Washington Post[3]
2009 Book Jane Mayer The Dark Side Doubleday
2009 Book Steven Greenhouse The Big Squeeze Knopf
2009 Newspaper Nina Bernstein "Deaths in Immigrant Detention" The New York Times
2009 Newspaper SPECIAL MENTION Alexandra Berzon "Construction Worker Deaths on the Las Vegas Strip" Las Vegas Sun
2009 Magazine Special Issue: "The New Inequality" The Nation
2009 Magazine SPECIAL MENTION Jonathan Cohn "Auto Destruct" The New Republic
2009 Photo-journalism Carol Guzy "Birth and Death: Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone" The Washington Post
2009 Photo-journalism SPECIAL MENTION Sonya Hebert "At the Edge of Life" The Dallas Morning News
2009 Broadcast Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar "Made in L.A." POV[4]
2009 Broadcast SPECIAL MENTION Peter Noyes and John Schwada "House Thefts" KTTV-FOX Los Angeles
2009 Broadcast SPECIAL MENTION Larry Adelman, Llew Smith and Christine Herbes-Sommers "Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?" California Newsreel with Vital Pictures
2009 Blog Marcy Wheeler [3]
2008 Book Robert Kuttner The Squandering of America Knopf
2008 Newspaper Charles Duhigg "Golden Opportunities" The New York Times
2008 Magazine Ray Ring Death in the Energy Fields High Country News
2008 Broadcast Bill Moyers, Kathleen Hughes "Buying the War" Bill Moyers Journal
2008 Photography Luis Sinco "The Marlboro Marine" Los Angeles Times
2008 Blog Faiz Shakir, Amanda Terkel "Think Progress" Center for American Progress[5]
2007 Book Thomas E. Ricks Fiasco
2007 Newspaper Rukmini Maria Callimachi Coverage of Hurricane Katrina aftermath The Associated Press
2007 Magazine Douglas McGray "The Invisibles" West Magazine, Los Angeles Times
2007 Broadcast Spike Lee, Sam Pollard "When the Levees Broke" 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks/HBO
2007 Photography Mike Stocker, Joe Amon "Aids Orphans" South Florida Sun-Sentinel
2007 Blog Sam Rosenfeld, Ann Friedman, Garance Franke-Ruta, Ezra Klein, Matthew Yglesias "Tapped" The American Prospect
2006 Book N/A Award withheld [6]
2006 Newspaper Cam Simpson "Pipeline to Peril" Chicago Tribune
2006 Magazine Dave Evans, Mike Smith, Liz Willen, Jonathan Neumann "Big Pharma's Shameful Secret" Bloomberg Markets
2006 Broadcast Craig Cheatham, Jim Thomas, Marty Van Housen "La Oroya" KMOV-TV, St Louis
2006 Photography Hector Amezcua, Tom Knudson "Los Piñeros" Sacramento Bee
2006 Blog Joshua Micah Marshall Coverage of Social Security Issues Talking Points Memo
2005 Book Jason DeParle American Dream
2005 Newspaper Peter G. Gosselin "The New Deal" Los Angeles Times
2005 Magazine Sarah Karp "Our Next Generation" The Chicago Reporter
2005 Broadcast Greg Barker "Ghosts of Rwanda" PBS Frontline
2005 Photography Los Angeles Times Award for Overall Excellence Los Angeles Times
2004 Book David Von Drehle Triangle
2004 Newspaper Nancy Cleeland, Abigail Goldman, Evelyn Iritani, Tyler Marshall "The Wal-Mart Effect" Los Angeles Times [7]
2004 Newspaper David Barstow, Lowell Bergman "Dangerous Business" The New York Times
2004 Magazine John Bowe "Nobodies" The New Yorker
2004 Broadcast Brett Shipp, Mark Smith, Kraig Kirchem State of Denial WFAA-TV
2004 Photography Stanley Greene "Open Wound: Chechnya 1994-2003" Trolley
2003 Book Steven R. Weisman The Great Tax Wars
2003 Newspaper Ellen Schultz and Theo Francis "Valued Employees: Worker Dies, Firm Profits" The Wall Street Journal
2003 Broadcast Ofra Bikel "An Ordinary Crime" PBS Frontline
2003 Photography Don Bartletti, Sonia Nazario "Enrique's Journey" Los Angeles Times
2002 Book Diane McWhorter Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama, The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Movement
2002 Newspaper David Olinger "Seller Beware" The Denver Post
2002 Magazine Katherine Boo "After Welfare" The New Yorker
2002 Broadcast Tia Lessin "Behind the Labels: Garment Workers on U.S. Saipan" Oxygen Network/
2002 Photography Mia Song "Poisoned Children: The Legacy of Lead" The Star-Ledger
2001 Book Jack Metzgar Striking Steel
2001 Newspaper Ellen Schultz selected articles on pension cuts The Wall Street Journal
2001 Magazine Dexter Roberts, Aaron Bernstein, Gail Edmondson "Workers in Bondage; A Life of Fines and Beating" Business Week
2001 Broadcast Stacy Abramson, David Isay "Witness to an Execution" NPR's All Things Considered
2001 Broadcast Belle Adler, Brad White "American Dream, American Nightmare" A&E
2000 Book Katherine S. Newman No Shame in my Game: The Working Poor in the Inner City
2000 Newspaper Maya Bell "Why Children Kill" The Orlando Sentinel
2000 Magazine Barbara Ehrenreich "Nickel-and-Dimed" Harper's Magazine
2000 Broadcast Brian Lamb For television in the public interest C-SPAN
1998 Book Taylor Branch Pillar of Fire
1998 Newspaper Jerry Mitchell "The Preacher and the Klansman" and other investigative reporting on the KKK The Clarion-Ledger
1998 Magazine Donald Barlett and James Steele "What Corporate Welfare Costs You" Time Magazine[8]
1997 Book Robert Kuttner Everything for Sale
1997 Newspaper Jason DeParle "Learning Poverty Firsthand" and other stories of welfare reform The New York Times
1997 Magazine William Finnegan "The Unwanted" The New Yorker
1997 Broadcast Ed Bradley "Town Under Siege" Ed Bradley on Assignment, CBS News
1997 Book William Julius Wilson When Work Disappears: The World of the New Urban Poor
1996 Newspaper Rita Giordano and Alfred Lubrano "Passyunk Homes: Welfare's Ground Zero" The Philadelphia Inquirer
1996 Magazine Charles Bowden "While You Were Sleeping" Harper's Magazine
1996 Broadcast Grace Kahng and Stone Phillips "Toy Story" Dateline, NBC
1996 Broadcast David Isay, LeAlan Jones, Lloyd Newman "Remorse: The 14 Stories of Eric Morse" NPR's All Things Considered
1995 Book Fox Butterfield All God's Children: The Bosket Family and the American Tradition of Violence
1995 Book Nelson Lichtenstein The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit - Walter Reuther and the Fate of American Labor (Distinguished Honorable Mention)
1995 Newspaper Chris Kelley "Whither the Cities?" The Dallas Morning News
1995 Magazine Eric Schlosser "In the Strawberry Fields" The Atlantic Monthly
1995 Broadcast Hedrick Smith "Across the River" WETA-TV
1994 Book James Traub City on a Hill: Testing the American Dream at City College
1994 Newspaper Jim Morris for the series "Worked to Death" Houston Chronicle
1994 Magazine Aaron Bernstein "Inequality" and "Why America Needs Unions" Business Week
1994 Broadcast Andrew Tkach "Of Human Bondage: Slavery Today" ABC News, "Turning Point"
1993 Book William Chafe Never Stop Running: Allard Lowenstein and the Struggle to Save American Liberalism
1993 Newspaper Eileen Welsome for the series "The Plutonium Experiment" The Albuquerque Tribune
1993 Magazine Team: Eric Bates, Adam Feuerstein, Mike Hudson, Rita Henley Jensen, Barry Yeoman "Poverty, Inc." Southern Exposure
1993 Broadcast Ofra Bikel "Innocence Lost: The Verdict" Frontline, WGBH-TV
1992 Book Ray Marshall and Marc Tucker Thinking for a Living: Education and the Wealth of Nations
1992 Newspaper Nancy Stancill for the series "Slaves to the Sale" Houston Chronicle
1992 Magazine Jonathan Schlefer "What Price Economic Growth?" The Atlantic Monthly [9]
1992 Broadcast John McChesney "Morning Edition" - U.S. Manufacturing Series National Public Radio
1992 Broadcast Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwartz Dateline: Wal-Mart's Buy American NBC-TV
1991 Book Nicholas Lemann The Promised Land
1991 Newspaper Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele for the series "America: What Went Wrong?" The Philadelphia Inquirer
1991 Magazine Laurie Udesky "Punishing the Poor" Southern Exposure
1991 Broadcast California Working Group "This Far By Faith"
1991 Broadcast Gary Covino "David Duke: An Investigative Report" Soundprint
1990 Book Andrew Revkin The Burning Season
1990 Newspaper The Detroit Free Press for the series "Workers at Risk" The Detroit Free Press
1990 Magazine Frank Clancy "Healing the Delta and Burnout in L.A." American Health Magazine
1990 Broadcast Joan Beuckman "Medical Costs: A Dangerous Diagnosis" KMOX, CBS Radio, St. Louis, MO
1990 Broadcast Charlayne Hunter-Gault "Through the Safety Net" MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour
1989 Book Thomas L. Friedman From Beirut to Jerusalem
1989 Newspaper William H. Freivogel, Margaret Wolf Freivogel series on "The Shift on Civil Rights" St. Louis Post-Dispatch
1989 Magazine Lawrence Weschler "A Grand Experiment" The New Yorker
1989 Broadcast Joan Beuckman "Home, Street, Home" KMOX, CBS Radio, St. Louis, MO
1989 Broadcast Jonathan Kwitny "The Kwitny Report" WNYC/PBS
1988 Book Neil Sheehan A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam
1988 Newspaper Anchorage Daily News "A People in Peril" Anchorage Daily News
1988 Magazine Robert Scheer "The Man Who Blew the Whistle on 'Star Wars' " Los Angeles Times Magazine
1988 Broadcast Marilyn V. DeAngelis "Child Care: Everybody's Baby" WLV I-TV56, Boston, MA
1988 Broadcast National Public Radio, News and Information Division In recognition of far-reaching and creative news coverage "All Things Considered", "Morning Edition", "Weekend Edition"
1987 Book Raymond Bonner Waltzing With a Dictator
1987 Newspaper "The Unfinished Dream" The Journal (Lorain Ohio)
1987 Magazine Jerry Adler "Every Parent's Nightmare" Newsweek [10]
1987 Broadcast Joan Beuckman, Margie Manning "The High Cost of Growing Old", "Truth or Consequences" KMOX Radio, CBS affiliate, St. Louis, MO
1987 Broadcast Public Affairs Television, Inc. "In Search of the Constitution"
1986 Book Robert S. McNamara "Blundering Into Disaster"
1986 Newspaper Henry Weinstein, Thomas H. Maugh II, Dan Morain for the series "Drug Testing on the Job" Los Angeles Times
1986 Magazine Conor Cruise O'Brien "God and Man in Nicaragua" Atlantic Monthly
1986 Broadcast CBS Reports "The Vanishing Family - Crisis in Black America" CBS-TV
1986 Broadcast William Drummond "Vale of Tears: The Legacy of Silicon Valley" National Public Radio
1985 Book Joseph Lelyveld Move Your Shadow: South Africa, Black and White
1985 Newspaper Series Writers "The American Millstone" Chicago Tribune
1985 Magazine Daniel Ford "The Button" The New Yorker
1985 Broadcast William Peters "A Class Divided" Yale University Films; Frontline, WGBH, Boston, MA
1985 Broadcast Jane Elliott "A Class Divided" (Honorary Award) Yale University Films, Frontline, WGBH, Boston, MA
1984 Book Strobe Talbott Deadly Gambits
1984 Newspaper The Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News "Freedom Summer: A Generation Later" The Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News
1984 Magazine Harrison E. Salisbury, special SHF Officers' Award "The Strange Correspondence of Morris Ernst and John Edgar Hoover" The Nation
1984 Magazine Jacqueline Sharkey "The Tug of War" Common Cause Magazine
1984 Broadcast KMOL-TV, San Antonio, TX "Valley of the Shadow of Life" KMOL-TV
1984 Broadcast KMOX Radio "Series on Child Welfare" KMOX Radio, CBS affiliates, St. Louis, MO
1983 Book Seymour M. Hersh The Price of Power
1983 Newspaper Patrick Owens and Bob Wyrick "The Disability Nightmare" Newsday
1983 Magazine Carl Sagan "Nuclear War and Climatic Catastrophe: Some Policy Implications" Foreign Affairs
1983 Broadcast Leslie Cockburn "The Pentagon Underground" Our Times with Bill Moyers, CBS News
1982 Book Jonathan Schell The Fate of the Earth
1982 Newspaper Rita Ciolli for the series "The Island Trees Case" Newsday
1982 Magazine Elizabeth Drew "Politics and Money" The New Yorker [11]
1982 Broadcast Marc Cooper and Tim Frasca "El Salvador: The Elections" Pacifica Radio News
1982 Broadcast Judy Reemtsma "People Like Us" CBS News
1981 Book Jacobo Timerman Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number
1981 Newspaper The Atlanta Constitution for the series "Black and Poor in Atlanta" The Atlanta Constitution
1981 Magazine The Angolite "Louisiana Death Watch"
1981 Broadcast Nina Totenberg "All Things Considered: Voting Rights Act" National Public Radio
1981 Broadcast CBS Reports "The Defense of the United States" CBS News
1980 Book Penny Lernoux Cry of the People
1980 Newspaper The Miami Herald for a series on police brutality The Miami Herald
1980 Broadcast Bill Moyers' Journal "Campaign Report #3" WNET/13
1980 Broadcast MacNeil-Lehrer Report Special award for continued excellence in television journalism
1979 Book William Shawcross "Sideshow - Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia"
1979 Newspaper Deidre Murphy for a series on poverty Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, N.Y.)
1979 Magazine Michael H. Brown "Love Canal and the Poisoning of America" The Atlantic Monthly
1979 Broadcast Steve Singer, Tom Priestley The Killing Ground ABC-TV News Closeup
1979 Broadcast Carol Colman "Women at Work" WRFM-New York
1978 Book Charles E. Silberman Criminal Violence, Criminal Justice
1978 Newspaper Michael Flannery & Bruce Ingersoll for a series on the working wounded Chicago Sun Times
1978 Newspaper I. F. Stone Special Award
1978 Magazine Tracy Kidder "Soldiers of Misfortune" The Atlantic Monthly
1978 Broadcast Abby Mann "King" Abby Mann/Filmway/NBC
1977 Book Philip Caputo A Rumor of War
1977 Newspaper Stan Swofford for a series on the "Wilmington 10" Greensboro (NC) Daily News
1977 Magazine Eliot Marshall "Anatomy of Health Care Costs" The New Republic
1977 Broadcast Bill Moyers "The Fire Next Door" [12]
1977 Broadcast ABC Television Network "Roots" (special award) ABC-TV
1976 Book Richard Kluger Simple Justice
1976 Newspaper John Seigenthaler for courage in publishing The Tennessean
1976 Magazine Guy Neal Williams "The Mushroom Pickers" Philadelphia Magazine
1976 Broadcast Paul Leaf "Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys"
1975 Book E. J. Kahn, Jr. The China Hands
1975 Newspaper William S. Randall & Stephen D. Solomon investigative reporting Philadelphia Inquirer
1975 Magazine Susan Sheehan "A Welfare Mother" The New Yorker
1975 Broadcast CBS Television Network "Fear on Trial" CBS-TV
1974 Book Richard Jackson Barnet & Ronald E. Muller Global Reach
1974 Book Noel Mostert Supership
1974 Newspaper The Boston Globe coverage of school integration crisis The Boston Globe
1974 Newspaper Seymour M. Hersh articles on the C.I.A. The New York Times
1974 Broadcast CBS Television Network The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman CBS-TV
1974 Broadcast WNET/13 Special Award for outstanding programming WNET
1973 Book Jervis Anderson A. Philip Randolph: A Biographical Portrait
1973 Book Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. The Imperial Presidency
1973 Book Alexander Solzhenitsyn Special Award
1973 Newspaper Donald L. Barlett & James B. Steele investigative reporting The Philadelphia Inquirer
1973 Magazine Richard L. Strout for his columns, signed TRB The New Republic
1973 Magazine Paul Brodeur "Annals of Industry: Casualties of the Workplace" The New Yorker
1973 Broadcast Paul Altmeyer "Freedom & Security: The Uncertain Balance" Westinghouse Broadcasting Company
1972 Book Frances FitzGerald Fire in the Lake
1972 Newspaper Carl Bernstein & Robert Woodward the Watergate investigation The Washington Post
1972 Magazine Frank J. Donner & Eugene Cerruti "The Grand Jury Network" The Nation [13]
1972 Broadcast Lucy Jarvis "What Price Health?" NBC-TV
1971 Book Morton Mintz & Jerry S. Cohen America Inc.
1971 Newspaper Alfred Friendly "Victims of the Great American Red Hunt" The Washington Post
1971 Newspaper Neil Sheehan "The Pentagon Papers" The New York Times
1971 Magazine Carolyn See, Kenneth Lasson, William Serrin, Robert Coles, Richard Todd "Work in America" The Atlantic Monthly
1971 Broadcast Martin Carr "This Child Is Rated X" NBC-TV
1970 Book Ramsey Clark Crime in America
1970 Newspaper John Kifner series on the "Kent State tragedy" The New York Times
1970 Magazine Christopher H. Pyle articles on "Army surveillance of political activity" The Washington Monthly
1970 Broadcast Ronn Bonn & Walter Cronkite "Can the World Be Saved" CBS News
1969 Book Congressman Richard McCarthy The Ultimate Folly
1969 Newspaper William J. Eaton "The Appearance of Impropriety" Chicago Daily News
1969 Magazine Daniel Lang "Casualties of War" The New Yorker
1969 Broadcast Fred Freed "Who Killed Lake Erie?" NBC-TV
1968 Book George R. Stewart Not So Rich As You Think
1968 Newspaper James K. Batten & Dwayne Walls "The People Left Behind" Charlotte Observer
1968 Magazine Charles Remsberg, Bonnie Remsberg "America's Hungry Families" Good Housekeeping
1968 Broadcast Bill Osterhous & Dick Huber "One Nation, Indivisible" Westinghouse Broadcasting Company
1967 Book Ronald Steel Pax Americana
1967 Book Alan F. Westin Privacy and Freedom
1967 Newspaper Howard James series on the "Crisis in the Courts" The Christian Science Monitor
1967 Broadcast Jay L. McMullen "The Tenement" CBS-TV News
1967 Broadcast Harold Mayer & Lynne Rhodes Mayer, producer and writer "The Way It Is" National Educational Television Network (Honorable Mention)
1966 Book Joseph P. Lyford The Airtight Cage
1966 Newspaper Harrison E. Salisbury reporting from North Vietnam (special award) The New York Times[14]
1966 Newspaper Robert Keveney & Douglas Walker a series on right-wing groups Dayton Daily News
1966 Magazine Richard Harris "Medicare" The New Yorker
1966 Broadcast William C. Jersey "A Time for Burning" National Educational Television Network
1965 Book Kenneth B. Clark Dark Ghetto
1965 Magazine Theodore Draper "The Dominican Crisis - A Case Study in American Policy" Commentary
1964 Book Dr. James W. Silver Mississippi: The Closed Society
1964 Book Bernard D. Nossiter The Mythmakers
1964 Newspaper J. O. Emmerich editorials on the civil rights crisis there Enterprise Journal (McComb, MS)
1964 Magazine J. Robert Moskin "Challenge to Our Doctors" Look
1964 Broadcast Joseph Wershba "Gideon's Trumpet: The Poor Man & The Law" CBS-TV
1963 Book Richard Hofstadter Anti-Intellectualism in American Life
1963 Newspaper Horance G. Davis editorials on civil rights Gainesville (FL) Daily Sun
1963 Magazine Arnold Hano "The Burned Out Americans" Saga Magazine
1963 Broadcast Millard Lampell "No Hiding Place", on the East Side/West Side series CBS-TV
1962 Book Michael Harrington The Other America
1962 Newspaper Ira Harkey editorials on the crisis at the Mississippi University Pascagoula (MS) Chronicle
1962 Magazine Margaret Parton "Sometimes Life Just Happens" Ladies Home Journal
1962 Broadcast Warren Wallace "Superfluous People WCBS-TV, New York
1962 Broadcast John Keats, George Dessart, David E. Wilson "Conformity" WCAU-T V, Philadelphia
1961 Book Jane Jacobs Death and Life of Great American Cities
1961 Newspaper Patrick J. Owens editorials on current issues Pine Bluff (AR) Commercial
1961 Magazine Lillian Smith "The Ordeal of Southern Women" Redbook
1961 Broadcast Al Wasserman, Robert Young, Charles Dorkins "White Paper #7: Angola: Journey to a War" NBC-TV
1960 Book David McEntire Residence and Race
1960 Book William L. Shirer The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich [15]
1960 Newspaper Sylvan Meyer editorials on race relations Gainesville (GA) Daily Times
1960 Magazine Harry W. Ernst & Charles H. Drake "Poor, Proud and Primitive: The Lost Appalachians" The Nation
1960 Broadcast Walter Peters, Marshal Diskin "Cast the First Stone" ABC-TV
1959 Book Harold M. Hyman To Try Men's Souls
1959 Broadcast Edward P. Morgan News broadcasts over the ABC Network ABC-TV
1959 Broadcast WNTA-TV, N.Y. "PIay of the Week" programs WNTA-TV
1958 Book John Kenneth Galbraith The Affluent Society
1958 Newspaper Harry L. Billings & Gretchen Billings editorials on civil liberties and public welfare system The People
1958 Newspaper Ralph McGill editorials defending the public school system Atlanta Constitution
1958 Magazine Giorgio de Santillana "Galileo and J.Robert Oppenheimer" The Reporter
1958 Magazine Harvey Swados "Myth of the Powerful Worker" The Nation
1958 Broadcast Irving Gitlin Supervision of CBS Unit One, particularly the programs "Who Killed Michael Farmer" and " P.O.W.- A Study in Survival" CBS-TV
1957 Book Wilma Dykeman & James Stokely Neither Black Nor White
1957 Newspaper A. M. Secrest editorials on civil rights Cheraw (SC) Chronicle
1957 Newspaper Harry Ashmore editorials on school integration Arkansas Gazette
1957 Broadcast Theodore Ayres "Face the Nation" interview with Krushchev CBS-TV
1957 Broadcast George A. Vicas "Radio Beat" debates between American and Soviet scientists and educators CBS Radio
1956 Book Walter Gellhorn Individual Freedom and Government Restraints
1956 Newspaper The New York Times editorials on the Middle East Crisis (special award) The New York Times
1956 Newspaper Robert H. Spiegel series on segregation in Des Moines Des Moines Tribune
1956 Magazine Robert Penn Warren "Divided South Searches Its Soul" Life
1956 Magazine John Fischer "The Harm Good People Do" Harper's Magazine
1955 Book John Lord National Security and Individual Freedom
1955 Newspaper Murray Marder articles on the government security program The Washington Post
1955 Newspaper Ben H. Bagdikian series on civil liberties Providence Journal Bulletin [16]
1955 Magazine Robert Engler "Oil and Politics" The New Republic
1954 Book Henry Steele Commager Freedom, Loyalty and Dissent
1954 Newspaper Daniel R. Fitzpatrick editorial cartoons (special award) St. Louis Dispatch
1954 Newspaper Vic Reinemer editorials on civil liberties and civil rights Charlotte (NC) News
1954 Magazine Charlotte Knight "What Price Security" Collier's
1954 Magazine The Progressive special issue on Senator McCarthy (special award) The Progressive
1954 Broadcast Eric Sevareid "American Week", programs on civil rights issues CBS-TV
1954 Broadcast WNYC, New York City public service program (special award) WNYC
1953 Book Theodore H. White Fire in the Ashes
1953 Newspaper Ralph S. O a series on civil liberties Houston Post
1953 Magazine Joseph Wechsberg "The Seventeenth of June" The New Yorker
1953 Broadcast Edward R. Murrow "See It Now" programs on civil liberties CBS-TV
1953 Broadcast Gerald W. Johnson broadcast on civil liberties and other issues WAAM, Baltimore
1952 Book Herbert Block The Herblock Book
1952 Newspaper W. Horace Carter, Willard G. Cole, Jay Jenkins, articles and editorials exposing the Ku Klux Klan North Carolina Tribune, North Carolina News and Reporter, North Carolina News and Observer
1951 Book Alan Barth The Loyalty of Free Men
1951 Newspaper Carl T. Rowan articles on race relations in the South Minneapolis Tribune
1951 Magazine Arthur D. Morse "Who's Trying to Ruin Our Schools?" McCall's
1950 Book John Hersey The Wall
1950 Newspaper A. H. Raskin articles on labor The New York Times
1950 Newspaper Murray Kempton articles on labor in the South New York Post
1950 Magazine James H. Means, M.D. "Doctors Lobby and England's Public Medicine: The Facts" The Atlantic Monthly [17]


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