The Hawk (Saint Joseph's University mascot)

The Hawk is the mascot of Saint Joseph's University. The Hawk represents the University's motto, "The Hawk Will Never Die", by flapping its wings non-stop (even during halftime) throughout every basketball game. The Hawk, who has been flapping his wings since 1956, is one of the most decorated mascots in college sports, having been called the best college mascot by ESPN College Basketball Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and The Sporting News.

The Hawk
Saint Joseph's Hawk mascot up close 2018.jpg
A flap of The Hawk while visiting stands during a halftime in 2018
UniversitySaint Joseph's University
DescriptionFull-Body Costume
First seenJanuary 4, 1956

The Hawk has been seen stopping its eternal flapping. In a game in 1998 against the University of Rhode Island URI's mascot, Rhody the Ram, prevented the St. Joe's Hawk from his eternal flapping by putting an inner tube over its head. This temporarily immobilized his arms. While trying to remove the tube, the Hawk's head (costume) fell off. The incident was televised on ESPN.

Hawk selectionEdit

The Hawk is unusual in traveling to away games; here it can be seen in Princeton's Jadwin Gymnasium, in mid-flap to the left of the large 'P' sign in the background

Hawk selection has become an annual application and interview process in which a current student is selected to represent the school. Since 1992, the student awarded the role of mascot has been recipient of an endowed scholarship and is considered a full member of the basketball team.[1]

List of Students who have served as the Hawk
Season Student
1955 to 1958 Jim Brennan
1958 to 1961 Pierce Markley
1961 to 1964 Al Pastino
1964 to 1966 Charlie Wieners
1966 to 1968 Chuck Elsesser
1968 to 1970 Bill Berner
1970 to 1972 John Donnelly
1972 to 1974 Joe Cassidy
1974 to 1977 Joe Boyle
1977 to 1978 Joe Boyle & Ron Manion
1978 to 1980 Kevin Quirk
1980 to 1981 Kevin Quirk & Randy Kiernan
1981 to 1982 Randy Kiernan
1982 to 1985 Dennis Sheehan
1985 to 1986 Jim Boyle, Jr.
1986 to 1988 Frank Simone
1988 to 1990 Jim Scarano
1990 to 1991 Tony Duldulao
1991 to 1993 Chuck Sack
1993 to 1994 Dan Gallagher
1994 to 1996 Brian Kearns
1996 to 1997 Glenn "Trip" Whitaker
1997 to 1998 Bobby Gallagher
1998 to 1999 Pat McGrory
1999 to 2000 Joey "G" Gawarzewski
2000 to 2001 Sarah Brennan
2001 to 2003 Steve Klarich
2003 to 2004 Chris Bertolino
2004 to 2005 Mike Tecce
2005 to 2006 Andrew Moral
2006 to 2007 Jim Miller
2007 to 2008 Jim Miller
2008 to 2009 Tim Klarich
2009 to 2010 Brienne Ryan
2010 to 2011 Tim Higgins
2011 to 2012 Joey Mreczko
2012 to 2014 Ian Klinger
2014 to 2015 Brian Lafferty
2015 to 2017 Timmy Parks
2017 to 2018 Mikaela Bakey
2018 to 2019 Domenic Godshall
2019 to 2022 Alex Kerr


  • Sports Illustrated Mascot of the 20th Century[2]
  • Sporting News Mascot of the Year 2001[3]
  • "Best of Philly" award from Philadelphia Magazine in 2003-04

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