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The Happy Lion (ISBN 0-375-82759-5) is a 1954 children's picture book by Louise Fatio and illustrated by Roger Duvoisin. In the book, the Happy Lion lives in a small zoo in France. When he escapes, he is surprised that people are now scared of him.

The book was so popular that it spawned several sequels and an 8-minute short film by Weston Woods Studios. It won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in 1956.

Books in the seriesEdit

  1. The Happy Lion (1954) - "Grand sourire."[1]
  2. The Happy Lion in Africa (1955)
  3. The Happy Lion Roars (1957)
  4. The Three Happy Lions (1959) - "... another delightfully Gallic adventure with a tiny French vocabulary and Roger Duvoisin's uniquely ingratiating color illustrations."[2]
  5. The Happy Lion's Quest (1961) - "The improbable situation of a lion in school and the sight of two humans and one friendly animal all stuffed in a little French car on the way back to the zoo will delight early graders especially as envisioned by Roger Duvoisin's winsome illustrations in color and black and white."[3]
  6. The Happy Lion and the Bear (1964)
  7. The Happy Lion's Holiday, aka The Happy Lion's Vacation (1967) - "The single incongruity of the series--a gentle, lovable lion--is pretty much played out by this time, and two-thirds of the latest adventure is as aimless as the drifting balloon. We found little distinction and some confusion in the drawings--maybe it's time for a vacation."[4]
  8. The Happy Lion's Treasure (1970)
  9. The Happy Lion's Rabbits (1974)
  10. The Happy Lioness (1980)


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