The Gruesome Twosome (1967 film)

The Gruesome Twosome is a 1967 American splatter comedy film, produced and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. The film played on a double bill with another 1967 film by the same director, Something Weird.[1]

The Gruesome Twosome
The Gruesome Twosome poster.jpg
Theatrical film poster
Directed byHerschell Gordon Lewis
Written byAllison Louise Downe (as Louise Downe)
Produced byHerschell Gordon Lewis
J.G. Patterson Jr.
Fred M. Sandy
StarringElizabeth Davis
Gretchen Wells
Chris Martell
CinematographyRoy Collodi
Edited byGeorge Regas
Music byLarry Wellington
Release date
Running time
72 min.
CountryUnited States
Budget$40,000 (estimated)


Mrs. Pringle (Elizabeth Davis) owns a wig shop in a little town in Florida, but she is a demented woman who lives with her mentally disabled son, Rodney (Chris Martell), in a home where she rents rooms to young co-eds attending the local university. Girls are disappearing; they are killed and scalped by a mysterious murderer. When Kathy, a co-ed attending the university nearby, tries to figure out who is killing her classmates, the police discover the terrible truth about the fate of the young victims. And the truth, of course, involves Mrs. Pringle and her son.


  • Elizabeth Davis as Mrs. Pringle
  • Gretchen Wells as Kathy Baker
  • Chris Martell as Rodney Pringle
  • Rodney Bedell as Dave Hall
  • Ronnie Cass as Nancy Harris
  • Karl Stoeber as Mr. Spinsen
  • Dianne Wilhite as Janet
  • Andrea Barr as Susan
  • Dianne Raymond as Dawn Farrell
  • Sherry Robinson as Lisa
  • Barrie Walton as Neighbor Lady
  • Marcelle Bichette as Jane
  • Tom Brent as Neighbor Man
  • Mike Todd as Mike

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