The Groomsmen

The Groomsmen is a 2006 comedy film written and directed by Edward Burns. It opened in New York City and Los Angeles on July 14, 2006. Filming took place at many locations on City Island, New York.

The Groomsmen
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Directed byEdward Burns
Produced byEdward Burns
Philippe Martinez
Aaron Lubin
Margot Bridger
Written byEdward Burns
StarringEdward Burns
John Leguizamo
Matthew Lillard
Donal Logue
Jay Mohr
Brittany Murphy
Jessica Capshaw
Spencer Fox
Music byRobert Gary
Howard Drossin
P.T. Walkley
CinematographyWilliam Rexer II
Edited byJamie Kirkpatrick
Distributed byBauer Martinez Entertainment
Release date
  • July 14, 2006 (2006-07-14)
Running time
93 minutes
Budget$3 million[1]


A groom and his four groomsmen wrestle with issues such as fatherhood, homosexuality, honesty and growing up in the week leading up to his wedding.

Paulie (Burns), a self-supporting writer, is making plans for his marriage to Sue (Murphy), his girlfriend who is in her 5th month of pregnancy. In real life, Burns' then-girlfriend, supermodel Christy Turlington, was also five months pregnant when they married in June 2003. Christy inspired Burns to rework the manuscript for this movie, which he hadn't worked on in many months.

Paulie is strongly advised by his older brother Jimbo (Logue) to not go through with the wedding. Jimbo, who runs a struggling business, is envious of Paulie, partly because his own childless marriage is unraveling.

T.C. (Leguizamo), who left the neighborhood without explanation eight years earlier, returns for the wedding. Apparently, before leaving, T.C. had stolen a Tom Seaver baseball card from Paulie's cousin Mike (Mohr). Mike still harbors such resentment over the loss that he immediately starts a fight with T.C. Later, T.C. hesitantly reveals that he abruptly left the neighborhood because he's gay and that he stole Mike's card because, even though they were best friends, he hated him for his constant verbal gay bashing.

The neighborhood bar is owned by Dez (Lillard), who is married with two children and is the most content and functional member of the gang. He is continually trying to "get the band back together". He has even pushed his own sons into learning the guitar and is seen riding them to become better.

Jessica Capshaw has a small role in this film. Her stepfather, Steven Spielberg, directed Edward Burns in Saving Private Ryan.


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The film garnered mixed reviews and only managed a limited release of 26 theaters in the US. It grossed less than one million dollars foreign and domestic.


The Groomsmen received mixed reviews, earning a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 52%.


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