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Roger Ebert
"One of the gifts a movie lover can give another is the title of a wonderful film they have not yet discovered. Here are more than 300 reconsiderations and appreciations of movies from the distant past to the recent past, all of movies that I consider worthy of being called 'great.'" — Roger Ebert

The Great Movies is the name of several publications, both online and in print, from the film critic Roger Ebert. The object was, as Ebert put it, to "make a tour of the landmarks of the first century of cinema."[1]

The Great Movies was published as four books:

  • The Great Movies, published in November 2003 (544 pages, Three Rivers Press, ISBN 978-0767910385)
  • The Great Movies II published in February 2006 (517 pages, Three Rivers Press, ISBN 978-0767919869)
  • The Great Movies III, published in October 2011 (440 pages, University of Chicago Press, ISBN 978-0226182094)
  • The Great Movies IV, published in September 2016 (288 pages, University of Chicago Press, ISBN 978-0226403984)

Ultimately, Ebert recommended 383 films he designated as "Great Movies."[2][a][b]

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Explanatory notes

  1. ^ This number includes individual installments of series he recommended (like the Up Series, The Apu Trilogy, The Three Colors Trilogy, etc.).
  2. ^ The list on this citation counts 409, but ICheckMovies counted 26 additional films by Buster Keaton because Ebert had written a career retrospective on Keaton's cinematic work and legacy in The Great Movies II, and they made the decision that meant he meant to include every directorial work Keaton completed as "Great Movies." For the sake of this article, those 26 films do not count as official selections of The Great Movies.


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  2. ^ "Roger Ebert: The Great Movies" on the iCheckMovies website

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