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The Great Lakes Book Project[1] is a collection of creative nonfiction edited by Walter Blake Knoblock.[2] Published by Felix Exi in 2013,[3] The Great Lakes Book Project consists of 25 works of prose and poetry about The Great Lakes Region.[4][5] It has been featured in [1], [2] and TC Art Blog [3].


  • "Wolf Hunt" by Steven Dudas
  • "Good Housekeeping" by Diane Payne
  • "Hunting the Whitetail" by Michael Mayday
  • "My Trail" by Benjamin Goluboff.
  • "Lake Erie Spring" by Michael Andreoni
  • "Erosion, 1990" by Sanford Tweedie
  • "Michibilly" by Griffin Jackson
  • "Selected Poems by Anca Vlasopolos" by Anca Vlaspolos
  • "Elements of the Pasty and Its Relation to The Lake" by Matthew Gavin Frank
  • "South Manitou Island" by John E. Oullet
  • "No Dominion" by M.J. Iuppa
  • "An Unfamiliar Shoreline" by Aram Mrjoian
  • "Memories and Perceptions" by Mel Visser
  • "The Lake Is a Lady" by Robert M. Weir
  • "Generational Power of the Big Lake" by Donald M. Hassler
  • "Highway 61 and Beyond" by Gina Genovese
  • "Ripe" by Gwen Schwartz
  • "Selected Poems by D.E. Green" by D.E. Green
  • "I Go, You Stay" By Blair Bohland
  • "Isle Royale" by Karl Elder
  • "Our Wine Dark Seas" by Holly Lynn Baumgartner
  • "An Unmatched Fishing Trip" by Willard J. Vande Kopple
  • "A Slow Learning of Lakes" by Wanda Giles
  • "East" by Adam Matthew Pacton
  • "The Shore" by Willard Greenwood


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