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The Girls (Cline novel)

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The Girls is a 2016 debut novel by American author Emma Cline. It concerns the members of a cult that resembles the Manson Family.[1]

The Girls: A Novel
Author Emma Cline
Audio read by Cady McClain
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fiction
Published 2016
Publisher Random House
Media type Print, e-book, audiobook
Pages 368 pages
ISBN 081299860X


The book is set during two different time periods and follows Evie during the present day and in the 1960s in Northern California. In the present day Evie is housesitting and runs into a young man and woman that reminds her of her past, when she was drawn to a charismatic cult leader. In her past recollections Evie remembers the events – and people – that brought her to join the cult and its inevitable and bloody conclusion.


The Washington Post wrote a favorable review, praising Cline's writing.[2] NPR and The New York Times also reviewed the work, the former of which wrote that "Emma Cline's thoroughly seductive debut novel, The Girls, re-imagines the world of Charles Manson's female followers, and does so with a particularly effective literary device."[3]


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