The Forsyth Institute

The Forsyth Institute, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the leading centers for dental and craniofacial research in the world. It was founded in 1910 in Boston by Dr. Thomas Alexander Forsyth.

The original location of the institute at 140 The Fenway

The institute was once an infirmary for Pediatric Dental Care in Boston. The Forsyth Dental Infirmary for Children was founded in 1914 by Dr. Thomas Alexander Forsyth and John Hamilton Forsyth in memory of their brothers, George Henry Forsyth and James Bennett Forsyth.[1][2]

It had been located for over a century in the Fenway–Kenmore area of Boston, at 140 The Fenway (Fenway Street), next to the Museum of Fine Arts which acquired the institute's Fenway property prior to its move to Cambridge in 2010.[3] The new headquarters in Cambridge was designed by the architectural firm, ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge, Inc..[4]

The Forsyth Institute is affiliated with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and also collaborates with many other institutions worldwide.[5]


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