The Essential Book of K9

The Essential Book of K9 is a science fiction anthology book by Paul M. Tams and Bob Baker based on the television series Doctor Who and focuses on the character K9. The book was released in 2015 and published by Meteoric Books.

The Essential Book of K9
The Essential Book K9.jpg
AuthorPaul M. Tams & Bob Baker
IllustratorLee Adams, Adrian Salmon, Paul Burley, Trent Turner and Paul M. Tams[1]
SeriesDoctor Who
SubjectDoctor Who, K9
PublisherMeteoric Books[2]
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback)[2]
Pages120 pp[2]


The book contains interviews and articles about K9's history and includes a comic strip and short fiction.[1]


Title Author Format
"One Man and His Dog"[3] Bob Baker Prose
"Peaceniks"[3] Bob Baker Prose
"Interstitials"[3] Bob Baker Prose
"Stranger on the Train"[3] Bob Baker Prose
"Short Circuit"[1] Paul M. Tams Comic


The book was originally announced in December, 2011 as The Complete Book of K9 and was planned to be released the following year with pre-orders beginning in February. The book would've covered the history of K9, interviews with people involved with the character, and never-before-seen photos, designs a behind-the-scenes details.[4] Another book, The K9 Story Book, was planned for release in 2012, originally set for release in September, 2011, to tie in with the repeat of the first series of the K-9 television series on Channel 5.[4]

The book was re-announced in January, 2015, as The Essential Book of K9 and a crowd-funding project on Indiegogo began to raise funds for it which lasted for two months.[5] The project had raised £2,968, 59% of its goal of £5,000.[6]


To promote the book, a signing with Bob Baker was held at The Who Shop, London, on September 5, 2015,[7] and at The Comic Guru in Cardiff on October 10, 2015.[8]


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