The End Is Nigh

The end is nigh is a phrase frequently used in relation to potential apocalyptical and eschatological events or the Biblical Apocalypse.

It can also refer to the following:


Games and video gamesEdit



  • The End Is Nigh, a 2013 parody of the Lady Gaga song "You and I" by YouTube Internet personality VenetianPrincess
  • The End is Nigh, a song by Irish rock band Bell X1 on their 2013 album Chop Chop
  • Wake (The End Is Nigh), a song by American metal band Trivium on their 2013 album Vengeance Falls
  • The End is Nigh, a song by Dutch doom metal band Officium Triste on their 2019 album The Death of Gaia

Other usesEdit

  • The End is Nigh, the last solo show before the semi-retirement of Tony Allen

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