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The Enchanted Pose is a 1927 painting by René Magritte[2] depicting a side-by-side pair of identical female nudes in a bare interior. It has been lost since the 1930s.[3]

The Enchanted Pose
The Enchanted Pose.jpg
Reconstruction based on a proposed virtual colourisation of a reproduced black-and-white photograph.[1]
Artist René Magritte
Year 1927 (1927)
Medium Oil on canvas

In 2013, technicians examining Magritte paintings using x-ray fluorescence discovered fragments of the composition concealed under two compositions Magritte painted in the 1930s. Sometime between 1927 and the mid-1930s, Magritte had cut the painting into pieces and recycled the canvas, to be painted over. In 2016, a third fragment was identified under a painting entitled The Human Condition in the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery. In 2017, it was announced that the fourth and final fragment was found under his work God is not a Saint, located in a museum in Brussels[4]

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