The Emergence of Modern Turkey

The Emergence of Modern Turkey is a 1961 book written by historian Bernard Lewis, an expert in the history of Middle East and Islam.[1]

The Emergence of Modern Turkey
AuthorBernard Lewis
CountryUnited States
SeriesStudies in Middle Eastern History
SubjectTurkey, Ottoman Empire
GenreIslamic history
PublisherOxford University Press
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardcover, Paperback), E-book

The book covers the history of modern Turkey, from the decline and collapse of the Ottoman Empire up to the present days.


  • Chapter I Introduction: the Sources of Turkish Civilization

Part I The Stages of Emergence

Chapter III The Impact of the West
Chapter IV The Ottoman Reform
Chapter V The Seeds of Revolution
Chapter VI Despotism and Enlightenment
Chapter VII Union and Progress
Chapter VIII The Kemalist Republic
Chapter IX The Republic after Kemal

Part II Aspects of Change

Chapter X Community and Nation
Chapter XI State and Government
Chapter XII Religion and Culture
Chapter XIII Elite and Class
Chapter XIV Conclusions: The Turkish Revolution
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  • Maps


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