The Dunwich Horror and Others

The Dunwich Horror and Others is a collection of fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories by American author H. P. Lovecraft. It was originally published in 1963 by Arkham House in an edition of 3,133 copies.

The Dunwich Horror and Others
Dunwich first.jpg
Dust-jacket illustration by Lee Brown Coye for The Dunwich Horror and Others
AuthorH. P. Lovecraft
Cover artistLee Brown Coye
CountryUnited States
GenreFantasy, horror, science fiction
PublisherArkham House
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback)
Pagesxx, 431 pp
ISBN0-87054-037-8 (revised edition)

The true first edition is not bound with head- and tailbands, and the true first-state dustjacket carries a price of $5.00 (not $6.50 as on later printings). (Reportedly some copies lack head and tailbands, indicating the true first edition, but bear the $6.50 price on the dustjacket, suggesting that the publisher ran out of first-edition dustjackets before they ran out of first-edition books, so they raised the price to $6.50, sold the remaining first-edition volumes in second-state jackets, and then started reprinting the book).

The collection was revised in 1985 by S.T. Joshi, replacing the introduction by August Derleth for one by Joshi and another by Robert Bloch. This edition, designated a "corrected sixth printing", was published in an edition of 4,124 copies.


The Dunwich Horror and Others contains the following tales:

  1. H. P. Lovecraft and His Work by August Derleth
  2. In the Vault
  3. Pickman's Model
  4. The Rats in the Walls
  5. The Outsider
  6. The Colour out of Space
  7. The Music of Erich Zann
  8. The Haunter of the Dark
  9. The Picture in the House
  10. The Call of Cthulhu
  11. The Dunwich Horror
  12. Cool Air
  13. The Whisperer in Darkness
  14. The Terrible Old Man
  15. The Thing on the Doorstep
  16. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  17. The Shadow Out of Time
Cover by Raymond Bayless of the 1985 corrected sixth printing of The Dunwich Horror and Others


  • 2nd printing, 1966 - 2,090 copies.
  • 3rd printing, 1970 - 4,050 copies.
  • 4th printing, 1974 - 4,978 copies.
  • 5th printing, 1981 - 3,084 copies.
  • corrected 6th printing, 1985 - 4,124 copies.
  • corrected 7th printing, 1985 - 3,675 copies.
  • corrected 8th printing, 1988 - 4,783 copies.
  • corrected 9th printing, 1992 - 4,973 copies.
  • corrected 10th printing, 1997 - 2,945 copies.
  • corrected 11th printing, 2000 - 2,500 copies.


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