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The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism

The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism is a book by Ravi Batra in the field of historical evolution, first published in 1978. The book's full title is The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism: A New Study of History. Following the collapse of Soviet Communism in 1990, a 2nd edition was published with the title The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism: Can Capitalism Be Saved?

The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism
The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism.jpg
AuthorRavi Batra
Original titleThe Downfall of Capitalism and Communism
A New Study of History
CountryUnited States
SubjectSocio-political evolution
PublishedMay 1978 Venus Books (1st Ed.)
January 1990 Macmillan Publishers (2nd Ed.)
Media typePrint (Hardback)
Pages350 (1990)
ISBN0-333-21645-8 (1st Ed.)
0-939352-09-5 (2nd Ed.)

The book introduced an application of P.R. Sarkar's idea that different socio-political groups, based on "inherent differences in human nature", that in turn are rooted in "characteristics of the mind," rotate in controlling the social motivity, determine the historical evolution over time.[1] Batra argues that groups of warriors, intellectuals or acquisitors take turns at leading society in their respective ages marked by ascension, supremacy and decline; citing historical examples.[2]

The end of the Soviet Union and the Iron curtain occurred just over one decade after the book was published; but the regime was not replaced in the way Batra predicted.[3]


Batra predicted that both capitalism and communism would collapse around the year 2000. The Italian Prime Minister awarded Batra the Medal of the Italian Senate for this prediction in 1990.[4]

Downfall of capitalismEdit

Batra suggested capitalism would collapse before communism.

That capitalism is eventually doomed to extinction, even its most ardent supporters would admit. Many would argue that by gradual evolution itself the facial features of capitalism will be altered, if not transformed. However, I believe the [social] revolution will occur in the next twenty-five to fifty years. (pg. 238)

In 1985, in The Great Depression of 1990, Batra predicted the collapse of capitalism would begin in 1990. In 2007, Batra made new predictions in his book The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos which he subsequently felt were being realised with the Occupy Wall Street movement.[5]

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