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The Delta Study is a CBSE syllabus high school located in a former warehouse in Kochi, India which was built in 1808. The school was established in 1976 and has a scholastic strength of about 1000 and 47 teachers. The school is located in Fort Kochi. The school encourages students to participate in sports activities such as cricket, table tennis, athletics, football, basketball, badminton and volleyball. Delta organizes debate competitions every year in which many well-known schools in the district participate. It also hosts a football tournament annually known as paul joseph's memorial soccer tournament.



The pupil teacher ratio is 1:15. Teachers attend workshops, seminars and training programs to keep abreast with changes introduced in the field of education.The staff of Delta stage programs on Children's Day and PTA Day. They participate in inter-staff games and matches. They accompany children on picnics, excursions and field trips, Onam, Christmas.


The Delta Study produces publications for private circulation. Delta Pulse is a newsletter published in October and April annually to encapsulate the activities of a given academic year. Harmony is an annual school magazine that showcases the creativity of the school through literary writings and drawings. It contains information covering the latest events happening at the Delta Study, Many articles and artworks are created by the students. The magazine also gives information about group activities such as results of competitions and about winners of various events.Class 4 maintains a manuscript magazine where students design and publish their class articles.

Club ActivitiesEdit

Delta encourages students to participate in various club activities. It has clubs such as the Music Club, History Club, Arts Club, Science Club, Dance Club and Nature Club.

Sport ActivitiesEdit

Delta organizes Football tournaments every year. It has always attracted many schools such as Bhavans Girinagar, Naval Children's School, Assisi and many others. Delta also sends its students to participate in various sports activities. The students in Delta have won many trophies for the events they have participated every year.

Inter-house CompetitionsEdit

Delta students are divided into four groups: Rumi, Copernicus, Ramanuja and Schweitzer. Many inter-house competitions are held every year. The students are free to choose their group of interest. The showdown of the year is on the school Sports Day where a lot of exciting action takes place.


The schools is equipped with laboratories, library, playground courts, classrooms and furniture. There are separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers. A junior computer lab/AV room enables all students to be trained in computing skills. The library has titles to cater to all tastes, age groups and disciplines. Play-area and courts are adequate for children to play football, cricket, volleyball, badminton, sepaktakraw, throwball, table tennis, basketball and tennis. Class rooms are airy and comfortable and seat a class of 25-30. A spacious auditorium functions as a facility for conducting stage-shows, seminars, workshops, indoor activities, meetings, etc.Separate blocks house the various parts of the school. The main block that greets the visitors is the heritage building – quaint, reposeful and amazing in its vintage appearance – contains the kindergarten, the administrative departments, the Maths, Computer and Language labs, the AV room and the canteen.Behind this are the totally contrasting blocks facing each other: the academic block with 24 classrooms and staff rooms; and the auditorium,science labs and library.The Physical Education Department, music room and art room occupy the three corners of the campus.

Career guidanceEdit

Students are made aware of the different branches of higher education open to them after the completion of twelfth grade. Speakers are invited to address students on the different career opportunities and the preparation required to utilize them. Representatives of NGOs, career-counseling organizations, coaching centres visit the school and address students on career-related topics.

All the students of tenth grade are advised to take an aptitude test to identify their areas of interest and aptitude which can guide their selection of electives at the twelfth grade level.Alumni volunteer to talk to their juniors on the career they follow and how they entered their areas of work.The activities organized at school provide sufficient training and exposure for students to develop their soft skills, confidence and independent thinking.


Delta organizes PTA meetings frequently where discussions about various issues relating to the improvement of the school take place. An active PTA responds to the call of the school. Parents attend open house, seminars, academic meetings in large numbers. Teachers are honoured by the PTA on Teachers’ Day. Financial assistance is provided to the needy. PTA Day is celebrated enthusiastically. A parents’ evening out the PTA Day opens fun games and food stalls for all. Parents and teachers stage a colourful variety of entertainment and games including a lucky draw assuring everyone of attractive prizes.