The Death of Captain America

"The Death of Captain America" is an eighteen-issue Captain America story arc written by Ed Brubaker with art by Steve Epting and published by Marvel Comics. The arc first appears in Captain America (vol. 5) #25–42. The first issue of the story arc, Captain America #25, was the highest selling comic for the month of its release.[1] The story arc had wide-sweeping effects throughout the Marvel Universe and was accompanied by the miniseries Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America.

"The Death of Captain America"
Captain America 25.jpg
Cover of Captain America vol. 5, 25 (Apr 2007). Art by Steve Epting.
PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication dateApril 2007 – November 2008
Title(s)Captain America vol. 5, #25–42
Main character(s)Bucky Barnes
Red Skull
Sharon Carter
Black Widow
Tony Stark
Doctor Faustus
Arnim Zola
Grand Director
Creative team
Writer(s)Ed Brubaker
Artist(s)Steve Epting
Mike Perkins
Butch Guice
Roberto De La Torre
Luke Ross
The Death of the DreamISBN 0-7851-2423-3
The Burden of DreamsISBN 0785124241
The Man Who Bought AmericaISBN 0785129707


Captain America's death. Art by Steve Epting.

In the aftermath of his death, Cap’s longtime partner, the Falcon, makes revenge his first order of business. Sharon Carter finds herself spiraling out of control, a captive of the Red Skull’s minions. And Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier, must reconcile his own sordid past.

Collected editionsEdit

The story arc is collected in three trade paperbacks and one Marvel Omnibus: –

  • Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Vol. 1 – The Death of the Dream (ISBN 0785124233)
  • Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Vol. 2 – The Burden of Dreams (ISBN 0785124241)
  • Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Vol. 3 – The Man Who Bought America (ISBN 0785129707)
  • Captain America: The Death Of Captain America Omnibus (ISBN 0785138064)


Captain America #25 which depicted Steve Rogers' death was the highest selling comic of March 2007 with preorder sales of 290,514 which was double the sales of the Mighty Avengers #1 in the same period.[1] The Death of Captain America was reported in ABC News, by reporter Bryan Robinson.[2]


The storyline was adapted into a novel by comics writer Larry Hama in March 2014 to tie in the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and features Sharon Carter, Bucky Barnes, Black Widow, and Falcon as central characters.[citation needed]

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