The Dealer (film)

The Dealer (Arabic: الديلر‎) is an Egyptian film produced in 2008 starring Ahmed El Sakka, Khaled El Nabawy and Mai Selim. The movie was filmed in 2008 and released in 2010.[1]

The Dealer
Poster for movie
Directed byAhmed Saleh
Written byMedhat El Adl
Produced byEl-nasr Egyptian movie production
StarringAhmed El Sakka
Khaled El Nabawy
Mai Selim
Nidal El-Shafey
Selami Şahin
Boris Abramov
Sami El Adl
Menna Fadali
Yasmine Elqammash
Sabri Abdel-Monaem
Talaat Zain
Botros Ghali
Release date


In the first half of the film, Youssef El-Sheikh (Ahmed El Sakka) and Ali El-Halawany (Khaled El Nabawy had a big fight between them since childhood that ends up with prison for Youssef and immigration of Ali to Ukraine. [1]

In Ukraine, Ali works with drug dealers and smuggles money to an unknown location, and Samah (Mai Selim), Ali's wife and Youssef's ex-lover takes her child to afterwards marry an Ukrainian lady and become a president of Ukraine [1]

Youssef travels to Turkey to work in the drug trade. After that, Youssef and Ali meet again, and the story ends when they became close friends, Ali was assassinated by man called (Turky) to take revenge from him when his wife was with Ali .[1]



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