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The Dark Crystal is a graphic adventure computer game based on Jim Henson's fantasy film, The Dark Crystal. The game was designed by Roberta Williams and published under the SierraVenture line in 1983[1] as Hi-Res Adventure #6: The Dark Crystal. It is the first Hi-Res Adventure released under the SierraVenture line, the previous games being released under earlier names and later re-released under SierraVenture. An alternate version of the game for younger players called Gelfling Adventure was released in 1984.[2][3]

The Dark Crystal
The Dark Crystal Game Cover.png
Developer(s)Sierra On-Line
Designer(s)Roberta Williams
Artist(s)Jim Mahon
Platform(s)Apple II, Atari 8-bit
Genre(s)Adventure game



The Dark Crystal gameplay.

The Dark Crystal is set in Thra, a world with three suns. Every thousand years the three suns come together in an event known as "The Great Conjunction".[1] The player controls Jen, a gelfling. Two souls are destined to battle to reveal the secrets of their past. One warrior's fate rests in the hands of a tyrannical villain who is hellbent on destruction.

The game features no music, a single beep is used to alert that no action other than the return key can be taken and a double beep if another command is used at that time.


It took Roberta Williams a little over a month to develop the design for the game, which was then turned over to programmers and artists.[4]


Softline in 1983 wrote that "In a way, it's better than the movie", stating The Dark Crystal's "thin story that failed to serve the movie well is comparatively top-drawer material in the game" and calling the graphics "delightful".[5] The game would go on to receive a Certificate of Merit in the category of "1984 Best Computer Adventure" at the 5th annual Arkie Awards.[6]


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