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"The Compleat Werewolf" is a 1942 fantasy short story by Anthony Boucher. It was first published in Unknown Worlds.



When philology professor Wolfe Wolf learns a magic word that can transform him into a wolf, the consequences are not what he expected.


"The Compleat Werewolf" was a finalist for the 1943 Retro-Hugo Award for Best Novella.[1]

Kirkus Reviews called it a "giddy burlesque",[2] while the SF Site listed it among Boucher's "best stories".[3] Brian Stableford described it as an example of "preliminary de-historicization followed by re-accommodation to American pragmatism".[4]

Its presence in the 2013 anthology Unnatural Creatures brought it to renewed attention, with Publishers Weekly stating that it was "astonishingly silly";[5] however, felt that it was "a little out-of-step and dated",[6] and the A.V. Club noted that "cramming Nazis, werewolves, Indian rope tricks, and talking cats into one narrative (is) quite a feat, but still takes too long" compared to more modern stories.[7]


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