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The Commonline Journal is a literary e-journal of accessible poetry and discourse. The journal gained its initial reputation by publishing realist poetry from writers emerging through Web 2.0 mediums and turn of the century hyperzines.[4] The journal published many forms of writing and declared a proclivity for "low to medium-diction free-verse poetry that is dramatic, graphic and succinct."[5][6]

The Commonline Journal [1]
EditorJoseph Osel
Former editorsAda Fetters, Doug Dramine, Lisa Marie Basile, Richard Wink, Rod Tipton[2]
CategoriesLiterary magazine E-journal [3]
PublisherImperative Papers
First issueMarch 1, 2007
Final issueOctober 1, 2017
CountryUnited States / United Kingdom
Based inSeattle, WA / Norwhich, ENG

Originally called "The Commonline Project", the e-journal was first developed at The Evergreen State College as an interdisciplinary curriculum in literary theory.[7] The journal published its final issue in 2017.

The journal featured regular contributions from several Literary Editors including the poets Justin Hyde, Dennis Paul Wilken, Rob Plath, and Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal. Notable contributors to The Commonline Journal include writers James Robison, Tony O'Neill, Suzanne Buffam, Rebecca Wolff, Ellen Bass, Lyn Lifshin, National Poetry Slam champion Anis Mojgani and Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn. [8]


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