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The Commandant (film)

The Commandant, also known as Il comandante, is a 1963 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Paolo Heusch.[1]

The Commandant
Il comandante poster.jpg
Directed byPaolo Heusch
Written byRodolfo Sonego
Music byPiero Umiliani
CinematographyAlvaro Mancori
Edited byLicia Quaglia
Release date
Running time
103 minutes

Plot summaryEdit

Colonel Antonio Cavalli (Toto), promoted to general, after many years spent fighting in the army and commanding Italian Army troops in the Great War and the Second World War, is sent into retirement. But he, accustomed to the command of everything and everyone, cannot get used to quiet family life. He decides to work in an office. When Antonio discovers that his wife (Andreina Pagnani) is secretly paying his salary, this depresses him even more. Eventually two crooks involve him in a real estate ripoff, using his reputation they get him to him sign off on several frauds and scams, which threaten to send him to jail and compromises his high honor as an Italian Army General. On the brink of prison, the general attempts suicide, but once again his wife gets him out of the mess ...



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