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The College Fix is an American conservative news website focused on higher education. It was created in 2011 by journalist John J. Miller and is published by the non-profit Student Free Press Association. The site features "right-minded news and commentary"[1] and often attacks what it describes as "political correctness".[2]

The College Fix
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Higher education
Available inEnglish
OwnerStudent Free Press Association
Created byJohn J. Miller
EditorJennifer Kabbany
Alexa rankNegative increase 58,450 (Global 06/2018)

The SFPA and The College Fix are designed "to groom young conservatives for careers in the news media by placing college students in internships with right-leaning publications."[2] Miller had long desired "to help other conservative and libertarian campus journalists" and The Fix gives them a platform where they will get "more attention than from just the campus level."[3]

As of 2015, The Fix had three full-time editors and one part-time editor who oversee a network of approximately 75 contributors.[2]

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported in 2015 that some subjects covered by The Fix had accused the website of misreporting their stories. Fix editor Jennifer Kabbany defended the site's coverage and said the site offers those it covers an opportunity to comment.[2] In addition, Kabbany told NPR in April 2018 that the site "has publicly denounced any vile emails that a professor might get."[4]

In February 2017 Inside Higher Ed probed whether The Fix had failed to disclose its relationship to the son of Betsy DeVos, weeks before her appointment as the U.S. Secretary of Education. As early as 2015 Rick DeVos had served as a board member of the Student Free Press Association, though this relationship was not disclosed in the site's coverage of DeVos.[1] Days after the report John Miller apologized and took blame for the oversight.[5]

Notable storiesEdit

The Fix's April 2018 report on a George Washington University diversity workshop designed to combat "Christian privilege" led to that very phrase trending on Twitter for hours on April 3.[6]

In March 2018, The Fix's report on Stanford's rejection of the College Republicans' choice of logo -- the American flag -- garnered a lot of media coverage[7], and a few days later the university changed its mind.[8]

In July 2017 Claremont College retracted its appointee to the role of LGBTQ center director after The Fix publicized tweets of the director professing his suspicion "of white gays and well meaning white women."[9]

In March 2017 The Fix reported that a Rollins College student was suspended for challenging a Muslim professor's purportedly “anti-Christian” statements.[10] The story was picked up by national news outlets[11][12] but some described the controversy as "fake news."[13] The professor ended up resigning from Rollins[14] claiming she had received hateful messages and threats, but she remained a full professor at Valencia College.[15]


  • John J. Miller, founder and executive director
  • Katherine Miller, founding editor-in-chief[16]
  • Nathan Harden, editor-in-chief from 2012–2014[17]
  • Jennifer Kabbany, current editor-in-chief

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